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International day is celebrated on 15th May, this day is celebrated because to make aware of the importance of the families in once life, life as no time or it as the short time but the people has their own families a family include mother, father, sister, brother this all complete the family, family is very important because without mother and the father there is no life of the children if the parents are no more than no one will ask you this will affect the life of the children and there will be the problem of malnutrition.


There is some kind of happiness in the family because without the family there is no, today there are many of the problems create for the family this causes due to the diseases the family are lost and this can reduce the part of the family we should always think that families are the first priority of the people, if we lost our families with any of the incidents then there will be no eyes of us because according to me my families are my eyes without them I can’t see the world, as if the families are not there then we can’t come to this world, there is the support of the families in every walk of the life because without the families there is no life and whenever we fall in any of the situations only the parents are those who support if we are wrong also, So life is very important and the mostly the families are very important to us.

Why Is The International Day Of Families Celebrated?  

The international families day are been celebrated because to give the importance and the awareness of the families are been told to the people on this day, the happiness of the families and the supportive part of the families can be seen sometimes and this is some of the precious time with the families which can’t come back if we want also we can’t buy it once again and so till the time we are alive we should make our families be proud and make the families feel happy in some of the time and this is some of the families time which can be seen by us or this is the feeling which can be filled by us.

Till we are alive we should always be happy with the family and this will make loving time, we should never disrespect the families and their love, there are some of the people who never take their family if they got the new family and this is the real fact in India and many of the country, old age home the people send their families to this old age home so they think that the families like parents are the load for them so we are making the families and the happiness of this situation to go away from us and this will affect the families, so love your families as much as can.

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