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Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August of every year as we have got freedom on this day in the year of 1947 for veg various freedom fighters are found for the freedom of India so that people can live in India in a freedom rather than living a slavery life in which the people in India use to behave like a slave of other ruling power. Independence Day is also known as a golden lie in the life of people of India as it is the day which has the significance of freedom on which people are getting patriotic towards the nation, and they also feel the feeling of love towards their Nation and they also do various patriotic things like singing patriotic song and also saluting the flag. On the day of independence day, everyone come together outside the house and to do flag hoisting around their Colony or organization or an enterprise in which they sing the national song that is Jana Gana Mana while hosting the flag and they also salute the flag while singing the song.


The celebration of the Independence day starts from the morning of 15th August as on this day everyone get up early in the morning and come together in community and flag hoisting in which day hoist the flag of India which is made up of tricolor that is saffron which indicates prosperity and white indicates peace and green color indicates the rich and heritage, and it also contains an Ashoka Chakra which is present in the center of the flag which has a significant role. People come together and salute the flag, and they even sing the national anthem that they Jana Gana Mana with a great feeling from the heart and they also look at the flag while singing the song which creates a patriotic environment around the place.

The schools are given holiday on the Independence day but the students are invited in the school for celebrating the Independence Day by various means and methods in school there are various patriotic activities like parade in which the students walk in coordination like a soldier, Singh patriotic song and also do dance on the patriotic song, there are also various skit performed on the Independence and also on the fight for freedom.

Patriotism On Independence Day

There is a great Patriotism in the during the Independence day as on Independence day everyone has and feeling of love and affection towards India and they also think about the various people who have sacrificed their life for the independence of India and also for the soldiers who are patrolling on the borders of India to keep India safe from the terrorist attack from other countries and also provide and security to India from various dangerous import and export which are very dangerous for the people of India and also the economy of India. The Patriotism is increased on the Independence day as the flag is hoisted in every part of India and also there are various patriotic songs played on the speaker which increases the Patriotism and makes a peaceful environment in India.

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