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Independence day is a great day for all the Indians. As India was under British rule and got freedom on 15th August 1947, it is a significant date in Indian history and the day is celebrated as Independence Day. It is our national festival. As this festival arrives, every Indian is filled with high energy and pride.


Every person holds a right to live freely, but this freedom of our Indian was captured by Mughals and then by the British. British ruled over Indian for many years. They started harassing Indians. British main motive was to establish an environment which suits them.


Many great Indian freedom fighters sacrifice their lives to make India free from British rule. Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad lost their lives at a very early age. Even there were many women freedom fighter who stepped out of their house and joined the movement.

At last, Gandhiji walked on the path of non-violence and truth to make India free from the rule. Bapus nonviolence movement worked, and British was forced to leave India and the day when they went is celebrated as Independence Day.

When India got freedom, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was declared as the first Prime Minister of India. Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our nation.


On Independence day, everyone gets in the nationalism color.  The most beautiful celebration takes place in Delhi. Many people gather at Red Fort to see the ceremony. The Indian army, Indian navy and Indian airforce along with the policemen perform parade at the Red Fort.

The prime minister of our India does the flag hoisting ceremony. After the flag hoisting, there plays the national anthem song. Many other patriotic songs are performed at the event.

Our respective Prime minister delivers the speech on this auspicious day for the development of the nation. Even many other politicians give the expression for the betterment of everyone’s future.

Along with the Red Fort, Independence day is celebrated in all over India. Students performed the programme in school and college with great enthusiasm and devotion. In school or college, the flag hoisting is done by the chairperson. Principals of the institute give a speech and tell about how the great leader fought for independence. Later on, children perform a patriotic song, and sweets get distributed among the students.

Whether we talk about adult or of a school student, on this auspicious day everyone gets entirely devoted to their mother nation. The morning breeze of the day reminds us of the sacrificed made by the leader. It is only by them that we are living freely in India. As time passes we get to develop yourself.


The freedom which we get because of that great leader, we should always respect and protect it. One should never misuse the liberty to hurt any creature. Also one should work hard to make India a progressive and developed nation.

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