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Health is an important element in the overall development of children. If children want to develop a holistic development then their health needs to be good. Changes in physical activity have reduced the physical pain of all. The era of this era is an age of information and technology. In this age, to create a physical, mentally capable citizen Today is a challenge.

There is no other alternative than technology Human beings change their surroundings with the power of wisdom. Only because of this changed lifestyle, human physical and painless air has gone away from the air. Today, the stresses of people of all ages are increasing day by day. The resulting mental, physical, emotional imbalance is increasing. Therefore, there is a growing number of diseases in society.

Regular Exercise

In reality, our body is our original asset. Therefore it is our duty to introduce it, to exercise regularly, to practice it. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate these habits from school life. If the health of the students is not good, then its growth and development will not be good. There is a lack of power that comes with the student’s energy, which is the direction and direction of the game.

Sports Reduce Stress

Due to various physical movements, sports reduce stress on children. Sport is a natural habit of children and happy and stressed children are more efficient. Therefore, the importance of the game in school life is immense.

Children have tremendous energy. Therefore, it should be applied only to children. From the primary level, it should be balanced in different sports. Through learning, discipline, strength, and strength are increasing. But today the real needs and interest of students are neglected.

Children Have Forgotten The importance Of Sports

The criteria for examining the unique merit of the students is that the quality of the exams is that today, because of the majority of households, children have forgotten to play field games in schools and classes, video games, use of changing technology, computers, mobile, etc. in all these games.

Increase In Social Needs

That is why the students of areas have to take away pure purity They do not realize their mental, emotional, and social needs for increased growth, development and supremacy.

The quality of life is not the only way to achieve success and satisfaction in the next life if you want to achieve success in life, time planning, ability to work in the community.

Development Of Many Qualities

All these skills are played on the field, automatically played unknowingly. They become impatient. They develop and develop qualities like perseverance, friendship, brotherhood, sportsmanship, etc. On the other hand, students also produce many other social traits that develop a personality. The importance of the game in school life is unique.


In school life, environmental sensitivity and mental health should be developed. The knowledge of physical habits should be aware of. To be happy with the joy of living in the society, and continuing to do daily routine work and enjoying the daily life of the devotees.

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Updated: April 19, 2019 — 8:22 am

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