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Women’s education requirement was there even before, women used to receive an education similar to men. She gained great fame and achievement for her scholarship and cultures. But over time, in the society, the men’s mentality went into the root of everyone and women started pressing and crushing.

Importance Of Women Education

There has been an awakening in society in recent years. Conceptual independence has shaken the inertia of social men’s thinking and people have started to understand the importance of women education.

Although there are still some people who believe that women’s workplaces should be within the perimeter of the house and women education benefits more than profits. Nevertheless, bypassing these negative thoughts, female education is increasing day by day.

Alongside co-education, hundreds of separate schools and colleges are open for girls education across the country, thousands of girls are studying in them.

Women Can Teach Everyone

It is said that by teaching a man, one person is educated, whereas if a woman is educated then the whole family is educated. The female family is the axis. She is a mother. An educated mother gives education and rites in her children, takes care of her health even better.

Management Of The House Effectively

The educated woman can manage the household and the family more efficiently, in the case of income earning and other things, the husband, understands his rights and obligations better and can stand in opposition to many evils spread in society.


Now the question arises that for them the coeducation environment is better or different education is different. Many parents oppose coeducation.

They say that it is not fair to get girls to mix so much with boys. They can be right in their place, but now it is not the time when girls had to live within the house. Now they have to get out of some work. In such a way, contact with the boys can be anywhere.

If they are kept away from boys since childhood, they will become impractical and highly susceptible.  Apart from this, they will not be able to identify the nature of boys, which can prove to be harmful to them.

Co-Education Is Essential

Coeducation introduces them to the nature of boys, which is essential for their next life. At the same time, it also raises competition and friendship with boys. Excessive hesitation and hesitation gives confidence to openly move forward in life.

The Language Of Expression

Like boys, girls should also get holistic education. The education in which she is interested, who opens a new path for her future, also gives her knowledge of her rights and duties. Who gave him the moral courage to protect humanity. Teach the language of expressing your feelings and also the science of welfare of you and your family and society.

Self-Defense Is Must

Apart from this, it is essential that their education should include physical education and self-defense tricks.


Society is made up of both men and women. Unless the two were given equal education and opportunity, the balance in the society will not prevail.

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