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Education plays a vital role in the life of every person. The lifestyle we live is the blessing of education. Education has the capabilities which can change the lifestyle and the personality of the person. Primarily, everyone should give the first priority to education.

Education helps the person, in solving any type of issue, whether personal, social even the educated person is capable of solving the national or international level crisis.

Role Of Parents And Elders

It is the duty of every parent to give proper education to their ward. They should pay attention to the studies of the child. Along with the paying attention, the parent should tell their ward about the importance of education.

Change In Thought

The educated person always has a positive impact on life. The educated citizen looks the matter with a different angle. An educated personality is somewhat different from the illiterate person, they following the stay away from an unnecessary fight, quarreling, etc.

Urban Areas

The people who stay in an urban area are educated to a certain level, the urban people guide their child for the correct education. There are many facilities for education in the city area. Along with the education, if one is seeking any skill development class for their ward, so they will find it easily in the urban place.

Rural Areas

Only limited persons are educated in a remote place. They do not believe in giving education to their children, they think what is the use of education, as the child has to do farming only. But there are many initiatives taken by the Indian government and Indian media, to spread the knowledge about the importance of education.

Girls Education

Education is very much important for all of the citizen, but it is most important for the girls. A girl child must be educated, when she will be educated she will lead the whole family to the better living.

It is indeed said that if a boy is educated, he will keep his knowledge only for him but when a girl is educated she spread her knowledge to others.

Crime Rates

As the citizen of India has earned the value of education, there we see fewer crime rates. An educated person comes with an understanding personality.

Change In The Education System

The paramount role has been played in the nation by education. Nowadays earning an education is not a very big issue, the government has set up the distance learning programme, online studies, etc. The whole system of education has got change for easy education.

The educated person is capable of setting up the strongest pillar for the nation. Only country development is possible through education.


If we see education is an ancient era, it was very tough, as compared to modern times. It is the duty of the elder to give the first priority toward the education of their ward. Education helps us to be a responsible citizen.

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