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Like the food, clothes and shelter are terms as the basic need for human survival but, in modern time along with this three-term, another one is the education. Yes, today education is also import6ant as the food and air.

Education not only means academic learning but it enhances the personality of the person as well as many skills gets developed. The way of living gets fully changed due to education.

For achieving any target of life, we need the one special tool which has the name of education. The people who earn high educational degree earn more respect in society and also has the capacity to earn more income.


The entrepreneur of the company hires the candidate based on their qualification and also their salary depends upon the qualification, higher the qualification, higher will be the salary and position.

And if one is less educated or has fewer marks, didn’t get a good earning job.

The same plies for the business. No one work under less educated people. The entrepreneur should be highly educated in order to deal in our nation or internationally.

Role of Parents

It is indeed said that the primary teacher of a child is their parent. They observed them from the initial stage and pretend to do the same.

The parents should believe in the importance of

education. It is the duty of every parent to provide their children’s quality education. Parents should insist on their child to get educate and should tell them about the importance of education in career making and lead a successful life.

At least an individual should clear their higher secondary examination to get a good salaried job.

Roll Of Teacher

it is the duty of every teacher to impart the quality and equal education for every student. The teachers have been given the place of god, the quality should be maintained by teachers.

Initiation Was Taken By The Government

The government has taken some of the initiations to provide education to every child. Free of education is provided to the children who come under BPL below the poverty line. Also, their students get the facility of mid-day meal.

Also in the remote area, the girls are encouraged to seek education by providing them with a bicycle for traveling. Many NGOs are working for the same. Social media is act as a powerful platform in advertising the importance of education.

Earlier Education System

The earlier education was very different from the modern day. In ancient time the student uses to go to their teacher place which was known as Gurukuls.

Those teachers use to teach their not only academic but also the other skills. After the ancient period, education becomes very costly in the medieval period.


Education plays a vital role in the life of every individual. To lead a happy and successful life, every individual should earn some education. Education also reflects the personality of the person.

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