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Human rights are called universal rights; each person is entitled regardless of their gender, caste, creed, religion, culture, The disadvantage status or place. These are the criteria that describe some of the standards of human behavior and preserved by law. There are few human rights which as follow as under.

Basic Human Rights

Human rights have been divided into two broad categories. These are civil and political rights. Among them are social rights which include economic and cultural rights. Detailed information on the basic human rights given to each person is given here:

Right To Life

Every person on Earth has the right to live. Every person has the right to be killed by no one, and this right is protected by law. However, there are no issues like the death penalty, self-defense, abortion, euthanasia, and war.

Freedom Of Speech

Every person has the right to speak freely and raise the voice of his opinion in public, although this right has some limitations like obscenity, disturbances, and rioting.

Freedom Of Thought, Conscience, And Religion

Every country gives its citizens the right to think independently and to build honest beliefs. Every person has the right to obey any religion of his choice and, at any time from time to time, is free to change it according to their free will.

 Right To Fair Trial

Under this right, every person has the right to the fair court’s trial hearing, listening within a reasonable time, the rights of the lawyer, the right to public hearing and interpretation.

Freedom From Decision Making

In this people are free to take their own decision without asking anyone. Because of this, there are very few chances to cheated by someone else.

Freedom Of Movement

This means that every person has the right to travel, stay, work or study in any part of their country.

Freedom From Slavery

According to this right, merchants of slavery and slavery were banned in every form. Although unfortunately these misbehaviors still run illegally.

Violation Of Human Rights

Where every human being is entitled to human rights, these rights are still often violated. Violation of these rights occurs when the rights of the state are neglected, rejected or misused in the actions taken by the state.


The Indian government has been set up to investigate human rights abuse. Many national institutes, non-governmental organizations, and governments also keep an eye on them to ensure that no person’s basic rights are being violated.

These organizations work towards spreading awareness about human rights so that people can get good information about their rights. They have also opposed inhuman practices. Due to these protests, many actions have been received which have improved the situation.

Short Information

Human rights are the basic rights given to every person. To be universal, these rights are protected by law, however, unfortunately, many times it is violated by states, individuals or groups. The disadvantage of a person with these basic rights is inhumane. This is the reason that many organizations have been set up to protect these rights.

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