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How Old Is The Culture In India

Our India completed the 5000 years of their culture and their tradition. This all started from the late Indus valley civilization in the year between the 2600 to 1500 BCE.

After this India started to sustain its own culture, politics, ground, dance, painting after the great civilization, The first culture started was the Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism.

The people of the Indus valley civilization were intellectual in the mathematics, literature, painting, art, music and many more.

Sikhism and the Buddhism are also flourished in India which was the part of India this was Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, and other.

During the trade in India from another country, the Islamic rulers came here due to which the India culture got to learn Arabic, Persian, Turkish, And also the Islamic culture.

After that, there introduced one of the slogans that are Unity is diversity, after this, all the people used to love the equality in the country.

Architecture and urbanization of Ancient India

After the great Indian civilization, India got many of the development and the Idea to make out the country. The cities were then divided into the historic type:

  • Important pilgrimage places like Madurai.
  • There were many of the markets in the local centers and the town one in every 20 miles.
  • Many of the objects which were getting in the place called Gwalior.
  • That time for the trade the seaports were also established such as the Broach.
  • In India, they set one of the major places for the British military by the British people.
  • Industries places were also been separated such as Jamshedpur.

Dance of the Indian culture

Many of the dance forms were started by the Indian people such as the folk, classical and contemporary dance form were practice by the Indian people, while dance has become an integral part of the Indian culture.

Classical dance like the Mohini Attam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathakali and the Bharatanatyam.

Maximum of the dance form was generated through the feelings of the various religion in India and the tribal dance like the Bhangra, Bihu, Ghumar etc are seen in India.


Music is also the part of the Indian culture. There originated the two type of the music form first is the South Indian Carnatic form and the second is the North Indian Hindustani Style.

By listening to this music we fell really very pleasant, so India is also known for its own culture and the music.

Style of the dress

Our diversity of India is world famous today also, the style of the dress is different in each state of our country like the ladies were mostly the sari in worn Central India traditional dress of the Rajasthan and Gujarat is Ghagra choli, Chudidar and Kurta is worn by the north Indian people and the half sari with the long skirt and the Dupatta is been by the ladies in south India.

Today the people also were the western attire which is now popular.

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