Essay On How Many Religions Are There In India For Students & Children

How Many Religions Are There In India

India is a land of diversity were many religious people live it is the spiritual land in which there taken many of the birth of various religion they are Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, and the Christianity.

But the thing is that God is only one, but the people make the difference in humanity. All the rituals and the culture, traditions are very different from each other, so hence India is unique from each and another country in this world.


In India Hinduism is practice more than any other religion, about 70% of the people practice the Hinduism. The holy books of the Hindus are the Ramayan and the Bhagvat Geeta.

Hindus are those people they practice the Vedas, and they worship the idol and the parties they considered as the god. The festivals celebrated by the Hindus are the Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Pooja and many more, in each month there are the festivals for the Hindus.


According to the census of 2018, Islam is the second largest religion followed in India it is about 24%. They are also known as Muslims; They worship the idol they believe in the teaching of the prophet Muhammad.

The holy book of the Muslims is Quran, in this book there written that once in the lifetime the Muslims to visit the Mecca their religious place, and the festival celebrated by them are the Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Zuha, and the Muharram.


Sikhism is the part of the Hinduism this religion was founded by Guru Nanak during the 15th century. There are 2% of the Sikhism people in India and mostly in Punjab.

The holy book of this people is Guru Granth Sahib; this person mainly resides in the state of Punjab, and the festivals celebrated by these people are the Baisakhi, Nagar Kirtan, Hola Mohalla and many more.


Buddha was that person who spread the love, kindness, and wisdom. Buddhism was founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama.

This person only believe in the Buddha, and non-other than that, the festival celebrated by these people are Assalha Puja Day, Magha Puja Day, Loy Krathong is some of the festivals celebrated.


These people are the devotes of the Mahavira in the 7th-5thcentury. This religion believes in there self rather than the God; they follow the principles of the Ahimsa.

And the population in India is 0.5 % of the population surrounding here.

The festivals celebrated by these people are the Mahavira Jayanti, Paryushana Parva, Diwali, and Maun-Hagiwara.


These people are mostly seen in South India, and the Konkan coast of India, the population of this people is around2.5%.

These people believe in the Lord Jesus who is considered as the son of god, and the major festivals celebrated by this people are the Good Friday, Easter and many of other festivals according to the country.

Since this, all are the religion in India which are since many time ago.

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