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My great time of the year comes as my holidays arrive. My vacations are the time of the year that I like the most, this is why I can decant, play the PlayStation, sleep, go out with my friends, without the worry that I have to study or do some school work, and the most important thing is that on vacation is that I can see my cousins, uncles, in general, my family, since they do not live here in India.

Sometimes we go to the United Stations to visit my father’s family other times we go to Argentina to see my mom’s family. This year I went to Argentina.

My Holidays

I finished the classes on April 10, 2013, so from that day my holidays began, the first thing I did was to sleep and free myself from worries about studying, which I was facing during my academic exam times. I didn’t rest for a while, and due to this, I felt a lot of stress and burden on myself.

Back to the city of the visit we visited the dinosaur footprints that are preserved in the rocks around the lake. It was an incredible experience. In Argentina we enjoyed being with family, we always had dinner at the house of some uncle of my mom or a cousin, we had wonderful days.

Another Trip

Another trip that I enjoyed a lot was the cultivation of grapes route since we went to three Most important grapes yield in Argentia and I learned how it is carried all its processes, spend three weeks of many walks and enjoy a lot.

I could also see the streets with a lot of poverty, the barefoot children playing in front of their houses. On the other hand, it also highlighted the blocks of very high and luxurious apartments. What struck me was that it did not matter the social class; they all seemed very happy and smiling.

Shopping Centers

I would also like to mention the shopping centers. It is about buildings of three or four floors, with many shops and well equipped. There is no doubt that they are luxury establishments. Also, I would like to point out that the attention of the sellers and the saleswomen were frankly exceptional.

We saw their many cafeterias which were different from the Indian café. We enjoyed there a delightful brunch.

Vacations definitely, are for me the best time of the year because I can rest, enjoy and be with my family that I have far away and it is on vacation the only opportunity I have to see it.

Gifts For All

This was the most enjoyable moment which I spent with my family. I learned many new things from this visit. While returning from the trip, we bought many gifts for relatives and friends. Mummy also purchase many designer curtain and decorative item to decorate our home with the beautiful antiques of Argentina.

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