Essay On Holi For Students & Children In Simple English

Holi is an Indian festival which is mostly celebrated by the Hindu religion as it is a major festival of the Hindus. This Holi is a festival of colors in which all the people play with colors with one another and this festival is mostly celebrated for about 2 to 3 days.

The festival of Holi lies between the month of March which means it comes in the month of the spring season as the spring season is mostly the colorful season and the arrival of the season this festival is being celebrated. It is a great festival where all the people come together and celebrate with each other by pouring color and water on each other and most of the people play with different types of colors and like to color their friends and other people.

History of Holi Festival

As the Holi is a festival of Hindu religion there is a great believe on the God by the Hindu people as mostly this festival is celebrated for the win of good over the Evil. There is a great believe on the God by the people as it is based on a king name hiranyakashipu who had a son Pralhad who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and hiranyakashipu was a greedy man and he did not like that his son was praising Lord Vishnu and so because of this he wanted to kill his son.

He tried many times to kill his son but he failed and his son was mostly saved by his devotee Lord Vishnu but at last he tried and called his sister Holika to burn down his son as she had a magical robe that she would never burn in fire and so because of this hiranyakashipu ordered his sister to take Pralhad and sit in a burning fire. When the fire was burnt down Pralhad started to praise Lord Vishnu and started to chant his name and later the Fire gets on Holika and the result gets opposite and the Holika get burnt and this was a great example of the belief of the people in the God and the win of the good over the Evil.

The celebration of this festival

As there is a great example of the belief of the people over God and so because of this no one gets harm by the other person as there is God who saves them as like Pralhad who came out from the burning fire and so because of this the first day of Holi is being celebrated by setting a huge blocks of wood and many things in fire which is known as Holika Dahan and people pray by going around the fire and the next day the festival of color is been celebrated by the people.

This Holi festival is not only celebrated in India but this festival is also celebrated in different countries like Nepal and they also celebrate this festival by coloring other persons and this festival is also known as the festival of love between the people as the arrival of the festival make the other people meet each other and forget and forgive all the problems they have within them.

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