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There are many of the hobbies which are besides in the particular type of the people within the country, all the type of the hobby are very much different, and this can be very much depth in some of the person and they are very much interested in the hobby there are the hobby such as the dancing, singing, painting, sports, reading the books, story writing and there are many more of the hobby which can be very interesting and some can be boring but the people who are having that habit they never as the problem of the boring in the life.

According to me my hobby is very much interesting to me, and that is the Dance, as dancing is my life and the music is my heart without this both I can’t be alive in this world because of this both, all the type of dance is my life that are the hip hop, contemporary, breaking, popping, robotic and this makes me feel very much happy in my life after my part of the dancing, if I am very sad or very angry then all my frustration does not go for the people rather than that after dancing there is some of the relief in my mind and I feel very much happy after dancing.

I love to dance very much there is some kind of the dance, in many of the festivals like in any of the occasion in the wedding and many more function there is the part of the dance in the life, being the dancer I think that dance is not the hobby it is my passion I think and this is my life without which can’t really live my life, all the people like to dance but some of them not there is the talent of some of the people of dancing and some them not because it differs from person to person and dancing is that hobby that there should be the practice all the day of the dance because if the dancing is not done for one month then our hands and the legs will shiver to dance, and this is the real fact, and all the practice of the dance can’t be done in the one time only there require much time to obtain as the dancing passion.

Started My Hobby  

I feel happy when I take the dance and if there are any of the sounds then my legs move according to it only there is no stop for the people because once it is started then it would not come to an end until the time the music comes to an end, today the dancing has become the priority of some of the people and there are some of the people who made the name in the field of the dance here is the name of the people like the Prabhu Deva, Remo they are the god of the dancing field, and there is the fact that I love my hobby which I cultivated since I was 6 years old and till now I practice it.

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