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As the summer holidays, the school’s program to go to Shimla was made. I was very excited and happy to think of being Shimla with my friends so I prepared for it.

My Trip

My parents came to the railway station of Chandigarh to board me on the train. I got on the train with teachers and friends. I sat on the window seat in the box. After some time the train started running. I kept looking at my parents until they disappeared from their eyes.

Shortly after leaving the city, we all took our own breakfast. The fun that came together in breakfast together never came before. After some time we started the antiquary game. I do not know when they all came together, danced, sang and shouted? From Kalka, we had to travel by a short-line train to Shimla.

The teacher informed about the historical importance of the railroad that it is a long distance (95 km) and this journey is completed in approximately six hours. In this route, 102 tunnels have to be crossed.

An interesting aspect of this is that the English engineers constructed this railroad with the help of an illiterate rural ‘Bhikkhu’. He used to trail the front and the English engineers followed him.

The teacher was still giving information that the train came on the platform. We all got involved in it along with our belongings. The train started moving towards Shimla.

Beautiful scenes of nature started moving in front of the eyes one by one. Somewhere dense forest, water from the mountains, and the water in the form of springs of water, where there were standing rocks and stones alone. The leaves, shrubs, and flowers were moving like this with the winds as if they were dancing.

The slow-moving carriage reached near Barog. The longest (3752 ft) Barog tunnel of this route was welcomed by the cold strokes of air. After that, the car crossed the tunnels and reached near the Tara Devi tunnel. From here the view of the Taradevi temple was different from the mountains.

We all got off the carriage and reached Mal road via the lift.  We had arrangements for our two large rooms in the hotel. We kept luggage in our rooms, washed my hands and changed clothes. Then, after eating food on the Mall Road, reached the strolling trekking ridge.

From there, seeing the lights of the houses in the mountains, hotels, etc. were being seen by Deepamala. Seeing this, we returned to the hotel. The night was too long, but nobody’s eyes were sleepy. All were in the mood of fun and fun. When singing, playing, jokes, listening to and listening to each other

Mall Road, Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Kufri, Lankan Bazar, Lower Shimla. Walking in Upper Shimla etc., three days and three nights passed quickly after playing in the snow, playing in the snow. After breakfast on the fourth day, we started walking back by bus. However, nobody’s mind was about to come back.

By the time we reached Chandigarh bus stand and happily returned home with parents. This unique joyous experience will be remembered throughout life.

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