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Good manners are something which every child should have in its nature. It is the responsibility of parents to get the good manners in their nature, they should make sure that the child is well mannered and should always respect their elders.

School Manners

Nowadays parents think that whatever manners are coming into a children’s life are coming through the school. They thing school is fully responsible for whatever manners or values are there in the child but it is not exactly correct. The school management helps the child to grow and makes them self-independent they cannot feed the manners and ethics.

The parents should take care of it, it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the good manners and ethics are given at home with spending quality time with the child. He or she must be explained The importance of manners in the life, if you don’t explain the importance of manners in a child’s life he or she will not have the proper way to express his or her information two others.


There are the people who don’t understand the importance of manners in their life, don’t even get the responsibilities to achieve their goals. If you don’t have proper manners in your life no one is going to give you any kind of opportunities and responsibility of anything special and the consequences will be that you will always be at the end of everything. Because you will not get the appropriate chance to show your talent to the rest of the world.

So good manners also creates a person’s impression if the person is not well impressed and it would be just because of you are inappropriate mannered person. You should always think before you act, and to saying which means that you should always take care of your manners and use them in the appropriate way this will reduce the chances of getting neglected for any kind of opportunity.


Now if you have a dedication towards anything and you want that you should get an opportunity to do that work, first of all you need to ask for the responsibility and then show your dedication in that work. But to show your dedication in your comfort zone you need to ask for the proper information but if the person you are asking for the information and not giving him the proper respect it shows that your manners are very less towards the importance of work.

So always make sure that all these qualities which we need in our daily routine should be fulfilled and always taken care of it because this will help you not only for today but also in the future and you can also pass this to your upcoming generation, so that he or she do not needs to work hard as you were doing and might be the problems which you are facing today they would not face all that kind of problems.

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