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Education is that mode of the life which should be given to all the children in the country there is no discrimination in the study the parents should support their children in the field of the study because the study can take the while and make the future of the children, all the girls and the boys should get the first preference for the study only, because the future of the students are in the hand of the parents and the responsibility of the parents should be fulfilled by them only after that the responsibility comes to the children that they have the interest in the field of the study or not, but there are some of the parents that they only get the education for the boys only and not for the girls.

Old Age Myth For The Girl Education  

After the independence of our country than too the girls were only made for the homework only and after the certain age they got to marry with the father age person and this happens for the purpose of the money the girls were never used to send to the schools because the family thinks that way to waste the money as she is going to another house so it will be the wastage the myth of the thinking of the people in the certain days were very different, when the boy child used to born in the family the family used to celebrate the day but if the girl child is born than they used to think that the load for the house, life of the girls during that age was very problematic because they never have to get the education and also not to go out from the house rather than that they only have to do the work of the house.

And all the rights for the talking was not given to the girls only the boys used to talk there was no right of the equality for the girl child and if the parents used to send than the people in the society used to talk about the bad things about the family and this were some of the myth for not educating the girl child.

Changes Which Took Place Today  

There are many of the changes in the girls education took place as the thinking of the people also start changing in this modern world the girls are the part of the society now the girls are also getting educated and they are equal to the boys r more than the boys in the field of the science, sports, education etc.there took the drastic change in the economy where the girls have the right to speak in front of any of the people, and they can also share their opinion, and the parents are also supporting the girls for the education and they are feeling proud for the girls, and also the girls have more power and they are just showing it, there are many of the campaigns by the Modi government that is the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.

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Updated: February 4, 2019 — 11:53 am

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