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What Is The French Revolution:

The revolution which was taken place in France in the year 1789 to 1799 is known as the French revolution. Many wars and monarchy came to an end with this revolution.

With the execution of the king Louis XVI, the revolution came to an end, and Napoleon Bonaparte took became the emperor and took all the power in hands.

The regime was the name given to the government which was ruling before the French revolution.


France was divided into three estates before the revolution. The uppermost estate was known as clergy. These contribute only 1% of the population.

The second estate was constituted of nobles, the same as the upper estate, the second estate contribute only 1%.

The other 98% population were kept on the third estate which constitutes to middle-class people, worker, and labor.

Cause Of The Revolution

France has fought with the Prussia and the British emperor under the leadership of King Louis XV and XVI. The country ultimately became poor as they have borrowed overall money to pay in the wars.

The local people used to suffer a lot, but the king and queen don’t pay attention to all, they believe that they are the representative of the god.

The people started suffering from hunger and malnutrition, as the prices of the bread were too high but the daily wages given to the worker was very low.

The tax was imposed on the crops by the Roman Catholic Church, which makes the poor people die, as they were not able to pay the taxes at all. The people of Russian now wanted freedom from religion.

The main sufferer was the third estate means the middle-class people, worker, labor has to pay all the taxes while the upper two estates the clergy and nobility enjoy all the privilege and rights.

National Assembly

There were many changes imposed by the national assembly of France. The taxes were declared banned on the 4th of August. Declaration of the man and the citizen was published on 26th August by the national assembly.

In the new constitution, only the kings were holding powers. However, the king was convinced by the Lafayette to move from Paris to the palace in Tuileries because of the attacked which was made at the palace of Versailles.

Work On The Constitution

On 14th July 1790, the people gathered in the Champs de Mars for the celebration. Here, the king and the queen has taken the oath of loyalty, but the nobles were unhappy with the revolution.

Many changes were made by the assembly. Whatever the power the nobles were holding, was all taken from them. There was banned on the strikes.

Many political clubs were formed by the people who have racial ideas.

Under the Corsican of Napoleon Bonaparte, the army becomes much stronger. The event was given as the name 18 Brumaire, and so on the French revolution ended with the mark by this event.

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