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Forest plays the very important role in the earth because all the ecological animals are beside here only, and the most important are for the humans as the tree and the plants absorb the carbon dioxide and they release the oxygen which is been inhale by all the living things to survive in the earth.

If the forest is been destroyed then there will be many of the problems arise like global warming will be raised more and the level of the oxygen will become less.

Forests Keep Up The Hydrological Cycle

Forest play various role in repeating the hydrological cycle in the ecosystem, because the trees help in the evaporation of the water and then it creates the regular rain, this help to lessen the drought-prone areas, if there is the regular rainfall for the four months then there will be no problem of the water in the country.

If there are many of the trees than they hold the soil in their root very tightly this make the less soil erosion when all the trees are been cut the upper layer of the soil get washed out since the fertility of the soil become loose.

Forest Support The Variety Of Wildlife

Forest carries the package of the wildlife in it such as the reptiles, mammals, birds, pet animals, wild animals, insects, amphibians.

Forest protects many of the habitats which are now in danger such as the tiger population is now decreasing.

There are animals such as the tigers, lions, elephant, fox, jackal, bead, dear and many more and the insects such as the butterflies are many which can be spotted.

Flora Can Be Seen In The Great Diversity

We can see only the greenery in the forest rather than that between the green there are many of the flowers species which we can’t see in the local area, many varieties of the trees are been seen in the forest, some of the trees are those who can live in the forest rather than that it can’t live in any other local.

The trees which have the power of the flowering make the tree to look more beautiful, many types of the trees and the plants are there they are the creepers, climbers, shrubs, bushes and the grasses this makes the forest to look more beautiful.

Forests Need To Be Safeguarded

Today the people are becoming the selfish creature and they are cutting down all the forest and the trees , this is making the negative effect on all the living things, all the wild animals are coming to the people region because all the forest are been cut and so all the animals are coming to the place of the people.

And the main problem is occurring the global warming the trees are those who were intake all the pollution factor but they are been only cut which is resulting in the destruction of the world.

Monsoon is also not occurring properly because there is no forest. So start preserving the forest.

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Updated: January 24, 2019 — 1:01 pm

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