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India’s jungle covers about 23% of the total geographical area of the country. Forests play an important role in the country’s economy. Forests of any country and mankind have great importance in the forest. They make important contributions to the country’s environment, economic and social welfare.

Forests are very important in developing countries such as India, in terms of ecological balance for plant and animal species, and the approach of agriculture, environmental housing, and natural prevention of soil erosion, on a large scale of forests. Forest is home to a large number of tribal. Forest attracts tourists. Also, they play an important role in the carbon cycle and add beauty to this area.

 Forest Is Home

The forest is home to many living beings. It is an invaluable resource provided by nature. The living organisms are dependent on each other. Life in the forests is controlled by factors like a car, water, and sunlight.

Plants Available In Most Forests

The climate of the region Herbs, bushes, and trees on the base. Plants make their food with the process of photosynthesis, and the animals rely on plants and other animals for their food.

Occasionally the plants are dependent on plants such as pollination and seed dispersion. Many forests are spread over large areas all over the world.

Forests Can Be Classified As Follows

Tropical, evergreen, partial evergreen, deciduous and dry forests, are present by climate conditions and type of trees. Forests include non-living organisms such as lakes, ponds, soil, rocks, etc. Forest is defined as an ecosystem area.

Forests Are Important

The maintenance of a stable environment which is conducive to continuous agricultural production. Jungle safely and enrich the soil excretion by preventing soil erosion. Nutrient deficit jungle brings the mineral nutrients from deep to the soil above.

Forests are very important for wildlife, and they play an important role in the food chain. It also plays an important role in the water cycle. They check the flow of running water and are produced through the soil and increasing the groundwater level.

Importance Of The Forest

Now the importance of the forest is felt all over the world. There is a matter of concern in the level of mind of every conscious person for large forest deforestation, agriculture or residence for wood. In recent times, a large number of eco-friendly non-governmental organizations have come out to protect forests and the environment.

Due to the many advantages and products of forests, it can be easily said that the forest is one of the priceless gifts of nature to humans. They are an essential part of the ecosystem of our Earth, and if the forests of the earth are not actually kept, then the existence of life on earth will be for the sake of it.

Help From The Forest

Forest processing serves as the fruit of fishing, hunting animals, making plants for locals. They wear foliage for their cattle, wood, etc. to wear wires. It provides raw materials to industries like paper, plywood, rayon, leather, etc. Forest resources become the source of foreign currency in our country. They play an important role in reducing atmospheric pollution.

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