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How Many Years The British Rule India

In Whole Indian history, there is the myth of 200 years of the British rule, but the fact is 190 years because we got the Independent in the year 1947 and they came to India in 1757.

In fact, the proper ruling year is only 100 because they completely started ruling in the year 1857 before that it was the great powerful East India Company.

British Span And Flying High

After the victory of many battles in India, the East India Company got the seldom to take over all the empire of this country they occupied many of the countries slowly and steadily.

So much so that they even became independent of the government power and rules. But the profit earned by them they never sent towards their home country. But by bringing the Pitt’s India Act of 1784 the British Government got effective controls on the activities of the East India Company not just in India but other countries too.

From Traders To Trolls

Time as seen the greed take over pure monetary intentions of the traders. However, next 250 years found the British businessman in the role of conquers and governors than being just traders. In India, the Company rule lasted until 1858.

Profit Chasing Traders Turn Towards The Rulers

When East India power increased to the extent that not only did they aspired to be traders, they also wanted to rule their territories with unlimited control over man and the material. They started the illegal opium trade that is the drugs into the china that began in the year 1773 till 1799 which resulted in the opium war.

Opium produced in the Bengal was smuggled towards the china and the money was earned in an illegal manner by the British Government. Then the China government decided not to trade with the Indians. It was a profitable business for the company as they were the complete monopoly in such kind of the business.

Techniques To Curb The Company’s Power

The techniques of the British was undesirable. When the British government could not hold the waters, they stepped in. They imposed a series of acts namely the Regulating Act of 1773 that led to the changes in the administration and Economic affairs of the company.

This helped in establishing sovereignty and ultimate control of the parliament. The Act clearly stated that whatever control that the company had established over the territories acquired by it, was on behalf of the crown and not in the Company right.

Answering The Humanitarian Calls

The British government started to make the Indian people follow the policies made by them. Severe punishments were assigned to the defaulters.  The Pitt’s Act 1784 was introduced.

It had two aspects. One, it curtails the political powers of the East Indian company appointing the board of control to overlook its political affairs. Secondly, the Act laid down the foundation for a centralized and bureaucratic control of the Company.

The British government reacted fast to provide better treatment of the local people in the “British occupied territories”. After the rebellion of 1857 the British crown

Took over the possessions of East India Company in India Company in India and thus started the new era of British Rule in Company in India and thus started the new era of British Rule in India.

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