Essay On Food Waste For Students & Children In Simple English

What do you mean by food waste?

Wasting the food is that if we are enough of the food that we waste it badly. According to a report the World Food Organization, every seventh person is hungry among 119 countries.

There is also death caused due to hunger in the country. Under the mid-day-meal schemes, about 12 million children are claimed to be fed meals every day.

On the other hand, billions of the people go under the malnutrition and if we see in the urban area the tons of the food is been waste badly. There are some 194 million of the people who sleep empty stomach every day in the country. And in India the food waste about of RS. 88800 cores are wastage.

Why do we waste food?

Variety of food

In the past, food was served with great affection by family or friends in different ceremonies. Guests used to sit and eat with their family and were hesitant to leave any unfinished food.

Nowadays, there are umpteen numbers of dishes, chaat-pakodi and different types of ice cream placed on the stalls; people come and make a queue as per their liking. Offering too much variety of items aggravates food waste.

There are generally, two types of waste, one by the people leaving unconsumed food in the plate, and turning up of less than expected guests. Although some of the food that remain fresh can be distributed or sold in the market, nothing can be done of the leftover stale food.

Effects of Food waste

After Food gets stale the odor or the smell started coming from the food after throwing it, there arises any problem to those people who live nearby and many times the death of the animal is occurred due to the dirty smell of the stale food.

At first, instance, throwing of food may appear trivial, something associated with a big event, but it is a serious worldwide problem. In this context, a report by the World Food and Agriculture Organization takes a comprehensive look at the wastage of food grain.

Entitled ‘Food Wastage Footprint: Impacts on Natural Resources’, this report says that food security is not possible without preventing food wastage. Studying global food waste from an environmental perspective, this report says that the wastage of food leads to a very negative impact on water, land, and climate as well as biodiversity.

The solution for the food waste

Serve as per needed:

During any of the occasion, we can see more food waste. People serve more than they can eat and then throw it in the litter bin. Sometimes it happens that there is the wastage occurred while feeding the babies too please, avoid this also.

Smart homemaker:

If the family in one house is small then the level of the purchasing the goods should be as per the family members. Make the food as much as it needed make the food in the small quantity Try to make only that much food as can be consumed in one day.

You might buy paneer and not use it for that week, then it will naturally get spoiled and you will have to throw it. It is better that you buy only the quantity that is sufficient for a few days. Check the fridge at the time of going to the market to find out what items are there in the house and what needs to be bought.

Make sure that wastage of the food will make the resources less to that of the people who do not get to eat for their hunger. And also reserve for the coming generation also.

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