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A festival is an event which is celebrated by the people or the groups concerning their religion and culture. Every religion has their different types of festival.

In the festival, all the families come together and participate in a group. A festival is the mark of joy and happiness amongst the people. There are many types of festivals that are celebrated all over the world. Every country has its specific festival, and its tradition of celebrating is different from one another.

There are many types of festivals such as a religious festival, harvest festival, music festival, arts festival, and many festivals are there for the celebration of the people.

Festivals In India

India is a multicultural country, and there are many festivals that are celebrated in India with great joy and happiness. In India, there is a total of 29 states, and in all the state there are different types of the festival that are being celebrated with happiness by the people.

As India is a secular country so there are many festivals people participate in every festival if it is their religious festival or not but people usually participate in all the festival with a group. The Government of India gives holidays to celebrate this festival.

Other than the religious festivals there are also the festivals that are celebrated such as Music Festival ,art festival in this festival in India in Music Festival all the musical stars come together and sing the music and many awards are given to the musical appreciation for the people, and in the arts festival many people come together and show their arts to the people, and people appreciate the arts.

There are many festivals that are celebrated as religious festival such as the Hindu religion celebrates Diwali, Holi and many of the Hindu festivals, Muslim religion people celebrate mostly eid, Ramzan and their festivals Christian people celebrated Christmas as their new year.

Many religions have different dates of their new year such as Maharashtrian people have Gudi padwa as their new year, and many other religions have different dates for their new year. Sikhism and Jainism people also have different dates of the new year.

All the religion celebrate their new year with great joy and happiness. Many religious people celebrate their festival, but mostly all the people of India celebrate all together this festival and all those participating in different religion festival as well with great joy and happiness.

A Celebration Of These Festivals

The celebration of these religious festivals is celebrated by all the people such as the Muslim people also participate in the Hindu religious festival, and the Hindu people also participate in the Eid and Ramzan festival of Muslim all the people celebrating the Christian new year as their new year also.

In the Hindu religion festivals which is Diwali and Holi, Diwali is celebrated by lighting crackers and also lightning diyas all over the home and in Holi, many people play with colors all the religions participate in this Hindu religious festival. In the Islamic religion, Muslim people celebrate Eid and Ramzan by taking fast for so many days and on the last day of their fast all the religion people participate with them.

So in all the religion when all the people participate with happiness, it shows the equality between the people in India as the people always be in unity with each other and it is a good thing for a country like India.

Sikh religion celebrates the festival of Baisakhi as the harvesting of the crop these people celebrate the festival in Gurdwara and many other religions also participate in their festival.

Every religion people celebrate Christian new year as their new year, and also they celebrate this New Year and welcome the new year with altogether with joy and happiness.

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