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Summer holidays are my favorite best holidays every year. My school stopped for the summer holidays on May 14. I had already made a program for the village. So, when the school closed, I packed my luggage and got the first car for Satna (M.P).

After one day and night, I reached my village’s house. After a few days, all family member decided to go for a tour. To spend a few happy moments with my family because my family and I live in Mumbai 2000km’s far from my village (Satna).

Agra Tour

I stayed in Agra for several days. Only in the morning we would go out and return home till noon. In this way, we took many days to see Taj Mahal and many scenic places. I was amazed to see the ruins of this great historical city.

The beauty of the Taj Mahal took me into my first sight. His beauty cannot be described in words. That magnificent mausoleum made of white sapphire reminded me of the eternal love of Shah Jahan, who was from his beloved Rani Mumtaz Mahal.

Looking at the huge fort of Akbar and other ruins, I thought about the ancient glory of Mughal emperors and Shani-Shaukat. I used to take a bath in the sacred water of Akkad Yamuna in the morning. My time in Agra was very happy.

There was no work for me to do. Even here I had brought some books with me, and I have not neglected to study in this middle. I used to study two hours a day and the rest of the time used to visit sights in Agra.

 Travel To Grandfather’s House

By mid-June, I had to return to my home in Mumbai because my mother wanted to go to my dad for some days. On 17th June my mother went to my Grandfather’s house with me. My grandfather family lives in the village, which is in Madhya Pradesh near Satna. He is aged 70 years old, but even at the age of one, he has a breath-taking hook. They were very pleased to see us coming and picking me up in his arms and start loving, like a little child.

They raised a lot of questions about my father. As soon as my brothers and sisters (cousins) came to know about our arrival, they were all happy. They surrounded me all around. We got a lot of hugs inside the house.


I sleep on the side of my grandfather. Grandfather asked me about the school and the house and told me the stories of Ramayana. In the meantime, I used to advise to stay away from the bad boys. Grandfather used to tell me about my childhood stories. Sometimes we both go in the mango gardens during the day, where there was a shade of thick trees. My grandmother also tells me a story of monsters and evils to make me scared, when I was sleeping with her. Now my school was about to open, so leaving my mother there, I returned to my house alone.

End Of Holidays

Now the month of July had come. On July 8, my schools were about to open. Therefore, forgetting all other points, I got involved in preparing for the next year. After all, summer was over and I re-reached in school with new books and copies again on July 8th. The memories of the holidays were still fresh.

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