Essay On Farmers Suicide For Students & Children In Simple

Why The Farmer Suicide?

There are many farmers who do suicide for the various reason they are many of the loan, drunkards, low production, stress of the family, low price of their products are such problems which make the farmer to suicide accordingly.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

Uncertain Weather Condition

In India the weather condition are not proper they vary from day by day. Due to the contamination and due to the pollutant factor increase the rainfall does not come at a proper time if it comes then we have to face the drought in the agricultural land. 565 of the country depends on the snow-fed of the Himalayas. In past three years the weather conditions are changing and due to which the farmer is suiciding.

No Interest In Farm Labor

There are now various fields that the coming generation chooses for their profession, no one takes interest in the farming sector. As we all know that the agriculture is the backbone of our country, now the farmers are also not ready to make their children be a farmer for this reason to the migration of the rural people in urban areas are more common and since from few years, the urban population has been increased a while.

Prices Of A Product Are Very low

During the purchasing of any of the product there is the various middleman between so the much more of the money is contributed to the middleman so due to which the farmer get small amount than which he should get. We can’t directly purchase the goods from the farmer so because of which the farmer does not get the sufficient amount of his work in this field.

Outdated Technology

The technology which is used by the poor farmer is of very old quality and the method used by them are of the outdated. The irrigation process the method which is used are all expired, machinery and many other technologies are not reached till this farmer in our country

Importance Of A Farmer In India

We should always respect the farmer, he produces the need of the each and every human being, we should also come forward to help them in each and every direction.

All should take the promise to help the poor farmer we should make the farmer comfortable. Our national income is also based on the agricultural factor if the farmer produces the food grain in an eligible manner than the export of the country will be increasing due to which our country is earning the money from a foreign country.

Now a day farmer is also deprived of their respect and the importance of the society so because of which they owing the corrupt and anti-agricultural policies. Farmers are working hard but the credit of their hard work is enjoyed by the corporates and many other industries.

These make the farmer think and since they are committing suicides. Since it is very critical to the truth to the coming up generations that where the food comes from and who grows it.

We are also the victims as we are indirectly exploiting the farmer in a very bad manner by choosing the different products of the different country, ignoring the local products of our country. So we should also change our style.

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Updated: December 26, 2018 — 11:30 am

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