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A farmer is a man who daily works in the field to grow crops for themselves and also for the other people. Because of the working of farmers daily throughout the day, people get food to eat. Farmers have been working from the past ancient times as it has become their occupation of growing crops and foods.

India is an agricultural country and as we can say that the farmer is the backbone of this country we all depend on farmers.

Farmers mostly live in the villages their daily routine is that they get up early in the morning and start plowing the fields till evening and do a good amount of plowing all day. The life of a farmer is very simple as compared to other people.

Life Of A Farmer In Ancient Times

Farmers are working from the past ancient times all the countries have farmers for growing foods. As compared to India in the past other countries farmers have well-developed facilities to grow crops as they have well-developed machines to plow the field.

Farmer’s life mostly depends on the rain and the crops that he grows. Water is most important for the growing of crops. Farmers with farming they also domesticate many animals. Sometimes farmer work by himself or he has men to work with him.

There are over 600 million farmers from the past ancient times, and also there are more farmers present in today’s world who work for themselves and as well as for the other people to get food and all the necessary things. Domesticate many animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, etc.

They domesticate these animals as these animals also provide some necessary things for the people such as cows provides milk and many other eatable things from milk goat also provides milk, sheep provide wool and buffalo are used for the farmers for the plowing of the crops.

By growing crops and things for other people, the economy of the farmer is very much low they did not get more income from the people. Not only crops but after growing crops, there are many insects that come on crops, and they had to take care of crops they also give water daily to the crops through irrigation process.

Farmers In India

Indian farmers work very hard and daily to grow crops from the past ancient times, but they did not get the income as much as they required, so there are many problems and suicide cases of farmers that have been come across Indian farmers.

The farmers from India who did not get more income so they decide to do suicide as they cannot be able to feed their family.

Because of this suicide cases our Government of India is working on it and looking on the fundamental rights of the farmers. Not only the Indian government but many of the known celebrities who understand the problems of the farmers are helping them by giving Charity to the farmers and to the family of farmers who have done suicide.

As it is said that India is an agricultural country and farmer is the backbone of the country, so many people and government understand this problem, and they are working on it and fixing the problems of the farmers.

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