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It is essential to learn the English language. Every day is used more in almost all areas of human knowledge and development. It can practically be said that it is the language of the current world. It is, in the era of globalization, the great international language and that affects more or less directly the various fields and professions.

English Is Essential

Its possession can no longer be treated as a luxury but is an obvious necessity. Moreover, it is even said that anyone who does not master that language would be in a clear disadvantage: it would be as if he were mute or half illiterate.

There are plenty of reasons to say it. The aim of this document is, therefore, to make these motives visible and to make young people and their families aware of the enormous importance of acquiring that language.

Communication Tool All Over The World

In the first place, it is the tool that allows communication with people from other countries, within the globalized world in which we live. It is indisputable.

English has become the global communication language par excellence, one of the most widely used in the world. It is an official language, or has a special status, in some 75 territories around the world. English is the most important language in the world because it is called the universal language.

Business Language

Even I think it is more important to know English.  If you live in a country where you speak the only mother tongue, English is even more important, even large scale international business is done. in English, regardless of the country of the investors.

Teaching Is Needed

The teaching of English anywhere in the world, at present, is seen as a necessity and an urgency. No matter which continent you are in or how old you are, the fact is that for any person it is essential to have the respective knowledge of the English language.

Even more, if you are a professional or you are in search of a job, it is a reality that cannot happen more as unnoticed. It should not happen more because there are many young people who now regret not having studied English since they were young or simply did not care about the English course they took at school. For various situations, they can not follow a language course.

Therefore, they regret the time they lost when they were younger and did not have the responsibilities they now have. So that this does not happen again, parents have an important role in this task.


Parents are the ones who decide in which school to enroll their children, take them and bring them, supervise their development in the classroom and outside of it, help them with homework, monitor how they go in their grades, etc. That is, they are the first people who are an English teacher of their children.

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