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The elephant is the largest mammal animal, which is totally herbivorous in nature. The name Elephant is derived from the Latin word elephant. If treated well it can be even kept as a pet animal.

Anatomy Of The Animal

The animal is one of the largest terrestrial living animals. The African male species of the elephant is 10.50 ft tall with body mass 6,000kg while the African female species are8.50 ft tall, having a body mass 3,000kg.

If we talk about the Asian elephant than the male species is 09.02 ft tall having mass 4,000kg while the female species of this category is 7.87 ft tall with a body mass of 2,700kg.

The skeleton of an Elephant has 351 total bones. There are air cavities present in the skull of an elephant which reduces the weight of the skull.

An elephant has the capability like other mammals to raise or lower the body temperature from a few degrees in response to the external environment.


The ear of an elephant is thick at the base but has thin tips. There are many blood vessel in the ear of an elephant. The ear helps in releasing excess body heat to the environment by the help of these blood vessel. An elephant can hear the voice at low frequency.


The trunk is the fusion of the nose and the upper lips. There are 150,000 muscles are present in the same. The trunks of the animal have a multi function. With the help of the trunk, an elephant can reach to a certain height.


The elephant has a total of 26 teeth. The incisor is made by the tusk. In the overall life of an elephant, the chewing teeth are replaced six times. The teeth of an elephant are loop-shaped dental ridges, which is very much thick and shiny.


The tusk of an elephant contains pulp or nerves stretching to the tips. It is very difficult to remove tusk without harming the animal. Tusk is used for many works such as there are making jewelry, decorating artistic items are made with the tusk, etc.

Other Body Parts

The skin of an elephant is thick but at the same time, it is very much sensitive. The legs of an elephant are huge like the pillars.


The female species of an elephant always seem in a group, the head of the female group is called Matriarch. Whereas the male species are used to live alone when entering adulthood. The elephants are intelligent in nature, powerful, high listener, but has the poor eyesight.

Baby Elephant

The younger one of an elephant is called calf. As they come under the mammal group, an elephant gives direct birth to their kids and feed them by the milk. In the womb of the mother elephant, the baby elephant takes almost 20 to 22 month to get fully developed.



An elephant is an intelligent and obedient animal, but it is a sad reality that the animal is on the verge of extinction, they are killed by the hunters for their valuable body parts, it the duty of everyone to protect the animal.

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