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Dussehra is the most valuable festivals of the Hindus, and this is very interesting festivals for the Hindu religion because there are various myth according to the people for this day in the northern Indian the people myth is according to the victory of the Durga from the mahisasura evil and in the southern part of the Indian myth is according to the Lord ram who defeated the evil Ravana and then he take out his ten face and hence the name of the festival is given as the Dussehra, and this is some of the different myth in the country and this day commence in September to October in between and this is the festival of 10 days, and this creates many of the interesting preparation from the one month before the idols are brought of the lord Durga and then the Puja is done for the 10 days.

Preparation Of This Day    

Preparation of the Durga puja starts before the ten days or before 20 days because the idols of the Durga Maa is brought by the communities people, and then this is celebrated together, and this is very much big festivals of the Hindu religion and the decoration of the pandals are done by the people and for this there is the money collected for the grand celebration, lighting and the decorative pandals are been set by the people and this makes the people come together and then to celebrated the festivals, the lord Durga idols are brought before one day before the start of the Navratri and on the ten days the preparation, is done of the dusherra. All the communities come together to celebrate the day, and there is no kind of differences during the time of the preparation.

Celebration Of Dusherra  

Before the preparation of the dusherra the nine days is celebrated as the Navratri for the lord Durga in this nine-day all the nine colors saree is decorated for the goddess and the dance is done as the celebration all nine days, all the people also follow the same color for the nine days and this is like the uniform when all the people come and dance they look same the dance which is done is called as the Garba, this happens where there are the pandals for the device and this makes the joy for all the people in the community, as there are many of the pandals built by many of the communities so there is also the price competition for best pandals for the community.

And after the nine-day is been completed on the ten-day dusherra is been celebrated in which the big parties of the Ravana are been brought and the people burn the idols of Ravana by thinking that the problem of this evil should be gone with all our problem and then it is been burn as the dusherra is been completed by the people and the celebration of the dusherra get completed by the burning of the Ravana.

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