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A doctor is a person who gives medicine to the people who has any problem; any health problem can be cured by the doctor. He has all the knowledge of every type of disease and he can easily many diseases by giving some medicines or by doing some treatment on the people.

To become a doctor, a person should clear all his medical exam and MBBS, MD and DO exams. There are all types of doctors and specialist have been present to cure the treatment of any kind of disease the people.

There are many doctors for different treatments such as the treatment for the heart is cardiologist specialist doctors are there to do a treatment of any heart problems.

Doctors from The Past

There are many doctors and surgeon that are curing the patient’s disease of many ancient times. In many countries, such ad united states Canada and many more countries have doctors and surgeons that comes from the past. But in the past in India there at least number of the highly educated doctor that can cure the diseases.

So at that time in India, people mostly depend upon the ayurvedic treatment. This ayurvedic treatment has been done by the plants available at that time, and it can easily cure any disease. In the past, as there was no doctor to call and cure the diseases so the people tend on this Ayurveda and they apply for this ayurvedic medicines by themselves and cure their disease.

And if possible to go to a doctor these people tend to go to the people who have a great knowledge of Ayurvedic plants and they can easily help them for curing any kind of disease at that time. India has the most number of people who have great knowledge in the Ayurveda.

This technique of curing the disease of Ayurveda is not only used in the past but has also been used in today’s world. Not only in India but this technique of Ayurveda that comes from the Indian past is also used in other countries in today’s world.

Doctors In Today’s World

Doctors in today’s world have become a very important person for all humans. As in this present world, there are many types of diseases that have been infected too many people, and so doctors can find something to cure this disease.

They are also some special doctors for many people as a there family member who takes care of them through all their life. Not only for the human but also there are many doctors that have been for animals such as the veteran doctor who cure animals.

In the past, in India, there was very less number of doctors where present, but in today’s time, there are many of the people who choose to be a doctor. To become a doctor, there are also many different fields in which a person can become a specialist.

Such as there are specialists for bones and also there are many fields in which a person can become a doctor. In today’s world, there should be some doctors as there are many new infections disease taking place so to cure them a doctor is a very needed person in the present world.

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