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Whenever we tell the festival of lights and lamp that means we are talking about the Diwali festival. During the festival, all street, shops, houses, market are decorated with many pomp lights and lamp. Let us learn many more thing about this famous festival.

Famous Festival

Mainly Diwali is the festival of Hindu people. But even other community celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Every Hindu people from all over the world eagerly wait for the festival. Diwali is a festival which is famous worldwide.

Five-Day Festival

Hindu people celebrate the festival of light up to five days. The two days before the main Diwali is said as Pre Diwali and the two days after the main Diwali are said as post-Diwali.

First Day: First celebration is called as Dhantrayodashi. On this day people believe in buying gold and silver. The ornaments which they buy, later on, they will be worshipping them on the day of the main Diwali.

Second Day: The second day is termed as Choti Diwali. On this day people celebrate Diwali in their way. They make Traditional design in front of their house, burn crackers, light lamps, etc.

Third Day: The main Diwali get to celebrate on this day. People at evening worship goddesses Laxmi and also worship to the ornaments which they have. Many people do pooja in their shops and houses. All the street are decorated with lights, people decorate their hoses with earthen lamp, burn crackers.

Fourth Day: Fourth day of Diwali is celebrated as New Year Day for Hindu people.

Fifth Day: Festival of Bhaiyadooj is celebrating on the Fifth day. On this day women perform aarti of their brother wishing them good health and prosperity.

Preparation for the Festival: The preparation of Diwali begins from a week before. Everyone gets busy cleaning every corner of their houses, and also they decorate houses and shops with different types of antiques and lights. People make variety type of sweet as well as spicy snacks which they share among their family and friends.

Exchange Of Gifts

Among all the ritual, one of the rituals is to exchange gifts among family and friends. One get many types of offerings on the market. There are different types of sweets, clothes, antiques, jewelry, etc. which one can gift to their loved ones. The gift is nothing but people present because to create the bond of brotherhood.

Reason for Diwali celebration: It is believed that Lord Rama return from fourteen years of exile. So to welcome him, the people of Ayodhya put lamps and decorate the house.

Children: Diwali is one of the main festivals of Hindus. Everyone eagerly waits for the celebration, but children are always much excited for the occasion.

Children get holidays of almost 20 days from schools. They get new gifts, new clothes and also new and exciting lots of crackers. Children eat various sweets and celebrate the day with full enjoyment.

Increasing Pollution

Without the burning of crackers, Diwali can be more beautiful and enjoyable. Lots of pollution get increased, and also there are lots of garbage of crackers.

Sometimes there are chances to get injured by the fire of crackers. We listen to this type of news in T.V. Parents should make aware their child about the demerits of burning cracker. In the same way, the government should ban the shops of crackers.


We should always celebrate the pollution free Diwali and also encourage others to follow the same.

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