Essay On Discipline For Students & Children In Simple English

Define Discipline

The quality of living the life properly is called as the discipline. It can be developed if we have to achieve anything in our life with a positive attitude. It will help us throughout our life.

What Is The Factor To Inculcate The Value Of Discipline?

  • Punctuality Makes Us Disciplined

Being punctual means being on time, this will help to be in the proper time and the task would complete on time.

If we are not doing our work on the time then it means we are not punctual in our work and this will not take to complete our goal.

For completing every work, we should always step towards the proper time then we can achieve it at the time.

Always being late for the school or the class will make us miss the studies and extra curriculum activity in the school and also in the class.

  • Proper Utilization Of The Time

Time is the most important factor in each and everyone’s life. While doing any of the important work we should set the time.

And once we set the goal, then we should have the power to achieve it. The students should always utilize the morning time to study because during this hour only our mind remains fresh and we can study in a more efficient manner.

The laziness will fall your attitude to the down level we should always use the proper time to the proper work than this will help us to achieve the goal which we have set.

Proper use of the time will maintain the disciplined manner in you in all the walk of your life.

Disadvantages Of The Discipline

  • Rebellious Behavior

If the children are not doing that work which they are told, then this nature comes from the strict parenting with not proper love to them.

This is because the parents are not giving their children to make their own choices in their life will make them behave in a bad manner. This will affect the discipline of the children.

  • Disrespectful Behavior

Parents should always take care that they should not always shout to their children because they can make them behave like the disrespectful in front of anyone.

Some of the parents think that if they shout at every walk of their children will make them behave badly in front of anyone.

So this will also affect the discipline in the children.

  • Low-Self Esteem

Always make your children comfortable with you because this will help them to share all things with you.

And the parents who are very strict towards their children will make them feel that they are not loveable and not worthy so they will always act like the low self-esteem will affect the mind of the children.

  • Anger

Now a day children are of the new generation so they need the love from their parents if the children are from the strict home than there will be the verbal abuse, physical abuse or punishment.

This will make the children act more like anger, and they will always react in a bad manner. So discipline is the must to taught by the parents lovingly.

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