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Discipline is said as the act of keeping our mind, soul, and body in control within us. Discipline is the actions that we do, and it reflects our behavior to others.

Discipline is said as to follow the given rules and regulations of everything in life. As it is said that discipline is a big key to succeed in life as through discipline, we can be master in any kind of fields.

Everyone should have discipline in their life as from their childhood people should be taught how to be disciplined in their life to others.

Discipline is used in all aspects of life. It is used in all the people such as a student in school or a man at the job women at home, and every person should have discipline in them. Discipline makes a man healthy and happier all through his life.

Discipline In School

Discipline in school should be followed by the students and it is taught by their teachers and all the students should we follow it and obey their teachers and be disciplined to them.

Discipline in school is for the students who are seeking education in the school such as all the students should become at a fixed time in school no one should be late and there are also many rules and regulations that a school has given to the students and every student should we follow it and be disciplined to rules and regulation.

The discipline of the students should be possible when all the students should follow the rules as to when the teacher is teaching all students should be listening to her only is their discipline towards the teacher.

As in a school when there are sports games that have been played between the students if there have many cheat things that have been done by the students then the game becomes of no use and the discipline of the students are not shown by them and as because of this it creates disputes between the students and the teachers also.

The Discipline Of Students In Schools

Every student should be punctual in school. If a student is punctual in his school life, then these things of the students also reflect on his personal life also and also in the future.

There are many examples of nature and other things that are given to the students to be disciplined such as an example of an army officer who is always discipline to his Nation and as some who are disciplined they can easily beat the Army of more number from them who are undisciplined.

The perfect example that nature gives us is that of the sun rising and sun setting as it has a fixed time and it as a perfect example from the years.

Every person should be disciplined in his work as a student should be disciplined to his teacher and the education that he is seeking so by this he would be able to see education properly and to be a good person in the future.

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