Essay On Disadvantages Of Internet For Students – Read Here

What Is The Internet? 

The help of the internet use of to get information, video chatting, voice calling, social activities, online shopping, online works, online booking tickets, news channels, etc. service the help of the internet every country use the internet.

Disadvantages Of The Internet 

  • Loss Of Studies

The students use the internet for the wrong purpose.  Which are the effect of student studies, which are the causes of loss and a big disadvantage for a student? Because they are using online activities to spend more time.

  • Loss Of Money

In the advantages of the internet, we are talking about the people who are playing online games and spend money on these games. People can lose their money online by playing games and also on other activities.

  • Shopping Quality

The online shopping use to help of the internet. The things you buy some time the quality of these very bad n low quality and give you loss. Because during the online shopping in you cannot see and touch the product.

  • Data Stolen Chances

In this case, a hacker can come and stoles your file easily from your devices if your computer connected to the internet.

  • Accounts Hacking

Using your account online may be chances of hacking. Accounts cutting under the other person can easily transfer your money to any other consideration.

  • Viruses And Malware

Your browsers during browsing the different website. The automatically download and install itself automatically some scripts and apps and any other activity. And some of the viruses and malware damage your mobiles, computer, and any other electrical instruments are very bad.

  • Frauds

A computer in many websites on the internet that is not real and not trusted. Many people are fake accounts. One person is many accounts. These are fake and can fraud you for money and other things.

  • Governments Data And Files

The secret file of government enemy countries hires particular hackers. Government data and files are not secure in the presence of the internet. This files and data may be atomic codes, arms modules, drone designs, etc.

  • Wasting Time

Most people use the net for the wrong purpose and waste of time. Which are the causes of loss and big disadvantages for people to work because they spend more time while using online activities, and now today’s people becomes dull and faces many diseases?

  • Dark Web On The Internet 

You will be shocked to hear that are using only 5% percent and website on the internet. And the 95% website is hidden. On the dark web people can sell drugs, arms, hire killers and do all the illegal activities on the dark web. So these types of a website on the net so are careful and keep yourself.

  • Waste Of Money

In other point are discuss the waste of time. At the end of the month “internet bill” see this person and shocked because a very costly of the net. I think a waste of time and a waste of money. So save the money and spend the money your health and live long and strong.


Technology has both negative and positive effects. Technology is developed for our betterment; it helps to solve problems and bring in efficiency. We must look at the positive side and use technology in a positive and right manner.

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Updated: February 8, 2019 — 1:47 pm

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