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Digital means that all the things of transactions and many things that can be done through digital devices. And this digital technology has been launched in India under the name Digital India.

Digital India is the campaign that has been started by the government of India to make all the people of the country get electrically improved for the online transaction and the internet services that are provided.

This method is being undertaken by the government to make the country improve in the technological field. By doing this initiative that has been taken by the government, our country will become typically used the technology with the other countries.

This digital India method is being taken to provide the internet to rural areas where there are problems with internet connectivity.

These people do not get the proper internet connectivity to get very slow speed internet and because of this they cannot do any online transaction or any online works easily so because of this digital India has been organized by the government of India.

So by this, the problems of their internet connection will get solved, and all the areas of the country will get high-speed internet.

This method was organized by the government nearly about two years ago on 1 July 2015 by prime minister Narendra Modi. It is a great initiative taken by our government.

The Main Motive Of This Initiative

The main aim of this initiative is to provide internet services and electronic services all through India. Some areas where the network is very hard to connect and because of this people are not able to connect with the internet services, and they are not able to go along with the country so by this initiative many people would be able to get the internet and to go along with the country.

So by this people will also able to know all the online things and also be able to go along with the country. Every citizen should be empowered, and there is also the rapid growth of job opportunities, electronic products and many more because of this digital India initiative.

Ths Bharat board band network limited is the project that has been made by this many villages could be able to get the internet and the electronic services.

Mostly from all this, the main thing was to develop the country India in the technological field. As there is a speed of internet in the village area and all the people in this can operate this digital system then all over the country is digital, and by this, the digital India camp has done a great job by spreading the services all over India.

New Digital Services

There are many new digital systems have been developed such as there are many websites that have been developed for the online payment and also there are many mobile apps through which the bill payments and many online payments that can be done.

Our government has also made a rule of linking their aadhar, Aadhar is a personal identification card. By this people can do any online things their radar identification. By this online process system, many things can be done easily such as if there is need of anything people can search online and get it.

Money can also be transferred online, and by this online transaction, there is no problem of black money that has come into existence. This initiative has announced many networks are providing things in all the areas through which people get involved in the IT technology easily.

By announcing this initiative, there are also many problems that have been created, but the government look under the problems and try to overtake it.

This technology had a great impact in our society people are mostly using this online method and their transaction work in done in a second and people are in awe of this technology, and this camp has been developing our country with a great IT sector.

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