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A cow is the domestic animals which are used in the daily life of the farmers. Farmers use cows for doing their farming work. From many years ago these cows have been domesticated.

According to a survey done, there are more than 1.4 billion cows have been domesticated. The cows are the most useful domestic animal by the people it has become livestock of people.

Cows are mostly identified through three species they are Bos Taurus, Bos Indicus and the third species is the Bos premegenius.In between these three species mostly the first species the Bos Taurus is used for doing the work, and it is mostly found in Asia.

In the scientific specification, the cow comes in the kingdom Animalia and the class Mammalia. They come in the family of Bovidae, and their subfamily is Bovinae in the scientific means.

Cows give milk, and their milk is also used to make many eatable things. Not only in India but cows are used as a farming process in many other countries from a long time ago.

Uses Of Cow 

Cows are used for the farmers as they help them in their field plowing work. Cows milk is used in making some dairy products such as paneer and cheese, and they are sold at a higher price in the dairy market. Cows are also raised as they can be used as meat.

Many people travel from one place to another place by their cow who pull the carts. They are also used to make leathers.

Their cow dung is also used by the people for developing for their house, or it can also be used in the biogas plant system. Cows mostly eat grass; more they are feed by their masters they give more milk. They also eat any type of vegetables.

Cow Digestive Process

Cows mostly eat grass, vegetables and when they eat food they eat all the things by swallowing the food directly into their stomach they do not chew the whole else afterwards when they are free from their work the cows stars to chew the food which they have kept directly into their stomach the process of digestive system of the cows is known as the rumination process through which they can eat the remaining of their food when they are free.

Their digestive system process is very much different from the other animal digestive process. The digestive process of the is as cows have one stomach like others but in one stomach they have four compartments as rumen, reticulum, omasum, and the fourth compartment is abomasum.

In these four compartments, the compartment rumen is the largest compartment, and the reticulum is the smallest compartment this compartments help the cow to get its digestive system properly.

Humans And Cows

Most of the people of Hindu religion the cow as a god. Some people worship cows. Many people feed them food as they believe that the cows are like God to them.

Cows are with humans from ancient times as we can say that the cow is best friends of farmers. Their milk, their help in the field and many things that a cow can give are very much helpful for the people.

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