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The conservation of forest is about the preservation of the forest places. The forests are a reason by any means which is known as conservation of forest.

Conservation of forest is very important as the forest play a vital role in developing the life cycle of the animals and also maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Conservation of forest is very important to stop deforestation.

The forest places are preserved by many ways such as putting a permanent ban on cutting trees for the commercial use, because the forest are the uses of raw material for the commercial uses due to which trees are cut on a large scale for the commercial used in huge profit which leads to deforestation and also many animals have lost their shelter due to deforestation.

Hence conservation of forest is very important for the biological development of the country. There are many laws stated for the conservation of forest.


There are various methods of conserving a forest. The main and important method is declaring the forest area is a reserved forest area due to which it cannot be used for commercial use.

Forest area or also reserved by putting a permanent ban on cutting the trees for commercial use.

Forests are also preserved by  Pointing forest officer who looks on the development of the forest and also looks for the misuse of the forest which he reports to the administration.

The major danger to the forest is from the forest fire, and there should be control over the forest fire because these are highly exposed to the fire and once the fire starts it is very difficult to control it.

The Fire doesn’t only start manually, but it also starts due to some natural processes like lightning or due to the friction between the moving branches of trees.

Also, reforestation plays an important role in developing forest that is when trees are removed by block cutting they are we planted again which maintains the proportion of trees in a forest.


There is a huge importance of conservation of forest as the forest place many important roles in the biological life cycle.

Forestall the use resources of raw material for many uses it is not only used refuse of raw material, but it also has control over natural disasters like flood and droughts.

Forest also releases oxygen, and a fact is disclosed that the forest of Amazon known as the lungs of the planet because it produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen.

Forest also check to decrease the pollution in the air by treating the pollution in the air. The trees in the forest also control the moisture in the air which is very useful for the biotic life.

The forest prevents the erosion of soil, and it also increases the fertility of the soil.

The forests are a vast shelter for the animals. Hence conservation of the forest is very important. India has taken any number of steps for the conservation of forest. Recently satellites have been used to detect the forest fire and to have control over it.

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