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The high level of variety in plants and animals which sounds great stays in the particular habitat is known as the biodiversity.

Types Of Biodiversity:

Mainly there are three types of biodiversity. Genetic diversity, Species diversity, and ecosystem diversity.

Genetic Diversity

Through the genetic connection, every species is connected to another. An organism which they produce offspring is the closest relative as they carry genetic information. We can also recognize the species comparing with the potential mates by the complex mating of them with one another.

The general set of characters is set In between the similar species. For example, Chimpmunks, Marmots, Prairie dogs, a Gray squirrel comes under the squirrel family itself. These all had the same number of tooth and anatomy and referred to as the rodent. All the rodent species belong to the mammal class.

Now here the mammals are related by the backbone, have hair on the body, feeding own milk to the young one, and in the middle of the ear posses three bone.

Species Diversity

The basic unit of biological classification is species diversity. In the world, there are 10 million species among them only 1.75 million have a scientific name.

Ecosystem Diversity

Many different species are living together in an ecosystem. The flow of energy, nutrient, and matter are connected within them. For example, the sun is the ultimate source of energy.

Now, here the radiant heat is converted to chemical energy by the plants and now these plants are getting eaten by the animals, and when the animals die, fungi derive energy by decomposing their body. In the decomposition process, the nutrients are again released into the soil where the plants will grow back.

The Benefit Of Biodiversity

For the smooth function of the ecosystem, biodiversity plays an important role. For example, the genetic resource, food, clean water, timber, and fiber are a provisioning service of the biodiversity.

These also regulate the season, diseases, water quality, and pollination.

Recreational, aesthetic and spiritual benefit get as social services from the biodiversity. Nutrient cycling and soil formation are also one type of service.

Forest plays a vital role in the conservation of biodiversity. Here the carbon monoxide is the leading cause in the forest depletion. Earlier we were used to hearing the sound of the cuckoo, but now the bird is vanished due to the unwanted condition of the environment and now the people realize the importance of the conservation of biodiversity.

Both the plants and animals play an essential role in agriculture, cosmetics, and pharmacy, paper, horticulture, construction, etc. If we do not conserve biodiversity, there will be an adverse effect in the field of medicine, food supplies and conventional use of energy.

There is an ethical bond between human and nature. The human with their cruel act breaking the relationship, as soon as the bond breaks the biodiversity get lost.


Many NGOs are working all over the world to protect biodiversity. At a personal level, one should understand their responsibility for nature.

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