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Colors are the most important thing in the world.colors are the sensation sensed by the sensory organ that is an eye. Colors are the reflected lights of the specific index which simulates the eye and the send signals to the brain, and it decides the color.

Colors make life beautiful as colorful things are beautiful. Colors are also known as vibrations of light because the color depends upon the particles that vibrate in the light.

The color of an object or an element depends upon the light absorbed by that object or element and the light reflected.

The human eye consists of rods and cone which accumulated by the light reflected from an object that is the electromagnetic radiation, and the color is sensed by using the visible spectrum.

The science of learning the color is known as chromatics or color science which includes the study of the color sensing properties of the human eye and brain.

Colour Theories 

There are various colors theories available, the first theory in the post was the color wheel theory which was developed by Austin by taking the spectrum of color and bending it into a circle.

In the coloring, if you follow the circle, you will find the same order of color spectrum, ie, red-orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, Violet.

Second theory was the colour values which deals with the value of colours in which the value is the darkness or lightness of the color if the color is darker than it is known as shades which are developed by adding black color, and if the tone is lighter than it is known as tints which are developed by adding white color.

The third theory was color schemes in which the colors were represented using different ways such as monochromatic color scheme, analogous color scheme, complementary colors, color triads, split complementary, warm color, cool colors, etc.

Types Of  Colours 

There are two types of colors they are primary colors and secondary colors.

The primary colors are the colors which cannot be developed by mixing any colors, there are pre-primary colors they are red, green and blue, primary colors are very useful in making other colors, using this primary colors millions of colors can be developed by mixing the primary colors in specific proportions.

The secondary colors which are developed by mixing the primary colors, the secondary colors how many users in daily life as there are various numbers of secondary colors.


Colors are important in life as they play and vital role in visual work. Colors make our mind refresh that is we love to learn a book containing colorful pictures rather than a book containing only written letters and containing more pictures. Which means that colors and working by refreshing mind again and again.

Colors not only refresh our mind but it also helps in providing the information about an object that is if the water is brown it is dirty water and if the water is clean and transfer and then it is freshwater.

Hence color plays an important role in life, and also our eyes play an important role in sensing the colors in the surrounding.

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