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Climate change is the change in the weather pattern which lasts for an extended period. Climatic changes are a map by the statistical distribution of changes pattern in the weather.

Climate change also refers to the average change in weather for shorter period that is it might rain one day, and Ganesh day it can be a sunny day and sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is cold the weather also changes from place to place.

Compressors it might be a day like hot summer and at another place at a distance having a cold winter.

Climate is different for different seasons. Some places are climatic as they are very hot during summer and during winter the climate there is very cold.

Climate change is also usually a change in weather found in different places. When you travel from cities do villages you will found that the climate is very hot during the morning in cities and villages it is little cool due to the environment in a village that it has many trees and an open river which make the climate cool.


There are various causes of climate change. The change of climate also depends upon the distance of the earth from the sun, If Earth is nearest to the sun it is hot and if the earth is far from the Sun it is cool.

The climate at places also depends upon the position of the places on the surface of Earth the places at the equator of the earth are hotter rather than the places at the poles.

There also various other causes for climate change which are caused by human activities such as the pollution created by humans by burning the fossil fuels and it has reached to its greater extent after the industrial revolution, which causes emission of greenhouse gases which increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air due to which there is a rise in temperature and causing global warming.

Nowadays the number of automobiles has been increased, and everyone has a private automobile for the daily use which gives a large contribution to the increase of global warming, and also the trees are being cut which increases Global Warming, as the trees reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by converting them into oxygen.


There is an adverse effect of climate change. The change in climate causes droughts in which there is a scarcity of water, and also there is a shortage in water supply which has a very wrong effect on the ecosystem and also on the agriculture due to which many farmers life come in risk.

In other hand climate change also causes the initiation of the flood in which there is an overflow of water which causes any loss of life and damage to the infrastructure all the state or country, it also damages the agriculture due to which again farmers life come in risk.

Climatic changes also cause the Tornado which is also known as a cyclone in which the earth is rotating ground from the ground of the earth towards the cloud which causes many damages to the infrastructure of the state or the country.

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