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We all have been knowing about the clean India campaign, or we can say The Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Have we ever wondered, why there is a picture of the spectacles of the Mahatma Gandhi on the logo of clean India? It is because it was the Mahatma Gandhi who said to have sanitization is more important than to have independence.


The clean India campaign has the aim of cleaning up the roads, streets, rural area, towns, etc. Even there was a strong motive to stop people from excreating in the open space, which spread many types of diseases. So, to make it possible, the government started making toilets in the remote area and encourage people to use it.


The clean India mission was initiated by the honorable prime minister of India, i.e., Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. On the 2nd of October,2014 the prime minister launched the campaign.

The clean India campaign is one of the most massive drives of the nation, as there was a total of 3 million people, were involved in the drive. College students, government and private sector employee, participated in the same.


The drive was divided into two parts viz; The Swach Bharat Abhiyan(urban) and The Swach Bharat Abhiyan (rural). The urban drive concentrate on the clean while the rural mainly works for the development of drinking water and sanitization.

The people who were involved in the campaign as a volunteer are called as ambassadors of cleanliness or Swachagrahis.

Successful Drive

Now, if we talk about the campaign, so the Clean India drive is not the first campaign related to the sanitization and cleanliness. Earlier, the total sanitation campaign was formed in 1999, but due to some reason, it was renamed as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan by the ex. Prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. However, it didn’t become as successful as Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

It was the Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji who took a broom and started cleaning the road by self. This was done to inspire the other citizen of India, to follow the same.


The Narendra Modi Ji made the chain of nine celebrities, to promote the campaign. The personalities were Sachin Tendulkar, Team of the serial Tarak Mehta, Anil Ambani, Murdula Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Salman  Khan, Kamal Hasan, Baba Ramdev, etc.

Even the vice president of India, Anushka Sharma picked up the broom and cleaned the city of Visakhapatnam which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


The primary motive is to construct the toilet for the public. The government spread awareness about the unhygienic open defecation. Even after the knowledge, some people in the rural area was not in support to use the toilet instead of using; they were protesting on it. There are many NGOs who work for making understand these people.

The campaign also aims for the management of disposal.


If we need to clean India, the government has taken the effort, now its time of the ordinary people to support the government in the campaign.

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