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The Ganga or the Ganges is the Longest River in India. River Ganga originates from the Gangotri in the Himalayas.

Then, it flows through the major areas of Northern India and Undivided Bengal: it meets the Bay of Bengal. Thus, it traversed a long distance of 2525 km, and it covers 861404 sq km areas of its basin.

Hindus in India regard the rivers, Ganga as a goddess. They firmly believe that the holy water of this revers possesses the sanctifying virtues. The civilization and the cultural life of North and Eastern India flowed and flourished in the basin of the Ganga.

Clean Ganga 

Our government is taking an active interest in cleaning the water of Ganga Rivers. A clean Ganga fund has also been set up to collect fund that would be used in various activities relating to the rejuvenation of Ganga River. Few of them are mentioned below.

To carry out the activities of the Namami Ganga program.

To control Ganga water pollution.

Waste and disposal treatment plants should be set up.

Redevelopment of chats.

R & D projects for cleaning the river etc.

What Factors Have Contributed To Contribute To The Pollination Of Ganga Waters? 

The erosion of the bank is a pressman feature, and this felt has constantly been making the water muddy. Full of dirt, and filthy.

Large proportions of its banks are protected with trees and forests, and the remaining parts are battered by erosion. Secondly, many towns and cities are located in the Ganga basin and the decomposed substances, both organic and inorganic. All of them find their last refuge in the water of Ganga.

Thirdly the vast areas in the Ganga basin have been occupied by individual complexes. The textile, leather, plastic and rubber factories of their places have been exhausting their poisonous effluents in the Ganga; and the sewage disposals of the chemical plants have been adding to the problem.

Importance Of Ganga To Hindus

The religious significance of Ganga River is established at the origin itself the Gangotri is the shot of origin of river Ganges.

Many pilgrimages for the Hindus are settled along the banks of river Ganges. The Hindus religiously worship the river.

Situated on the banks of river Ganges, Varanasi is considered by some to be the holiest city in Hinduism. Haridwar and Allahabad or Prayag are also on the banks of Ganga.

These Two cities are famous for Kumbh Mela festival, Kumbh Mela is one of the world’s largest human gathering on the planet to immerse the ashes of their kin in the waters of the Ganga; this immersion also is believed to send the ashes to heaven. It is believed that drinking water from the Ganga at line’s deathbed enables him or her to attain salvation.

Rivers Ganga is mentioned in the Rig-Veda, the earliest of the Hindu scriptures, it is found mentioned in the Nadistuti, which list the rivers from east to west.

Benefits Of Cleaning Ganga 

There are benefits accruing to people who stay near the river or visit the river for pilgrimages or tourism but gain welfare from knowing the rivers is clean.

This category of people can be both Indian and foreigners. There are called non-uses benefits arising out of people’s preferences for the biodiversity or the aquatic life the Gangas supports and the religious significance of the river other beneficiaries include fishermen, farmers and those for whom employment is created as a result of the project.

Fisherman gets the benefits of improved fish production. Farmers get the benefit of irrigation and fertilizer benefits by using treated water and sludge from the sewage treatment plant of the GAP.

The investment projects for eLearning the Ganga provide employment to unemployed or underemployed unskilled labor in India.


The Ganga is one of the most polluted rivers in the world yet is used by million people for the dramatic industrial purpose in the Ganga is the largest river in India.

Ganga is vitally important to India, that’s why we have to save Ganga River from pollution. We must save the Ganga River.

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