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Christmas is celebrated on the Count of birth of Jesus Christ it is celebrated on 25th December it is the festival of Christians, but it is celebrated worldwide by everyone and by every cast of people.

Jesus Christ is the originator of Christianity. In Christianity, the Christian people think Jesus as the son of god and also as the 3rd member of the holy trinity. This is the biggest and happiest festival of Christians community.

This day the people of Christian community come together and pray in the church, and it is also called the biggest day.

During Christmas, everyone gives the gift to everyone, and mostly the parents give a gift to the children. The children believe that Santa Claus give them the gift and they love Santa Claus.

Doing decoration is the most important part of Christmas everybody decorates the house with Christmas tree and the small children design the Christmas tree by decorating elements and visiting everyone’s house to see their Christmas trees and decoration of the house.

history Of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on account of the birth of Jesus. Christmas evolved around the worldwide religious and its celebration.

Today Christmas is a day for spending time with family and friends by getting together and exchanging gifts. Dominion stories to choose the date for celebrating the anniversary of Jesus Christ the first Christmas was celebrated in a room in 336.

Till 1950 in the United Kingdom many Christmas customs restricted to the class and Moses the people did not follow the Christmas rituals, and then later it became general.

The Christmas dinner the special meal was beef and the children used to get fruits and sweets in the stockings.

The Christmas became got prosperity after 1950, and it has been increasing till now everyone celebrates Christmas with more joy every year.

Celebration Of Christmas 

At Christmas, everyone has a holiday. People celebrate Christmas getting together to the church the day before Christmas and praying. Is the day of joy as everyone meets each other and have fun by sharing the gift and having a long talk with each other.

Most of the family visit new places on the day of Christmas and try new things and have various adventures.

The most famous song Jingle bang is played by everyone in the evening and children dance in the joy and get gifts from their family and friends.

It is also celebrated by making delicious food at home and eating with the whole family.

Importance Of Christmas  

The day of Christmas is on a golden day in the life of Christians on this day everyone leaves their life without stress and spend time with the family and friends.

This day remove stress from everyone mind and helps in leaving a better life. Everyone waits for this day as it is a beautiful day.

It also keeps the importance of the Sacrifice Of The Lord Jesus for the peoples. Christmas also helps in meeting new people and new friends is everyone is in a happy mood and talk to each other freely.

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