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Christmas is a big festival celebrated by the people in the winter season. Everyone enjoys a cultural holiday on this day.

All the government (such as schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, training centers, offices, etc.)  And non-governmental organization remain closed on this day.

It is celebrated every year on 25th of December is known as the feast day of Christ and celebrated in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ it is the day of great significance for the Christians thus there is a tradition of distributing gifts in Christmas by the Santa Clause to everyone in the family.

Importance Of Christmas 

Jesus Christ is the most important figure in Christianity who has founded the Christian religion. Consequently, it is an important festival; it is one of the greatest festivals and important event in world history which is considered the birth of Jesus.

It was the great ambition for the birth of the Jesus Christ to save humanity and this earth from misery and darkness.

Every year, this sacred day is observed with religiously in great merriment and with prayers by Christian all over the world.

Around the world, there are billions of people celebrating the festival. They start the preparation of this ceremony beforehand and want for the advent of Christmas. Throughout the year people wait for this occasion.

A Celebration Of Christmas 

Christmas is a very special festival in the Christian world. It is celebrated with large enthusiasm by the Christian people, they go to the church and offer special prayer.

On this day Christian people decorate their houses, offices, street, and churches with colorful light and make it joyful. This day is the day of merrymaking and joy.

Everyone wishes to each other “Merry Christmas” on this occasion in the churches and abbeys, the special Christmas carols are sung by the people. They also come together in the family for getting together the celebration.

Everyone wears new clothes on this day to look different and present gift to each other. Make special to their homes after decorating. Everywhere it looks so beautiful on this day.

Celebration With Christmas Tree And Cake 

Christmas tree and cake is the most important thing on the event day. These two things are the particular item of Christmas. At every house, the Christmas tree and cake are compulsory on this occasion one of the most common activities of this festival is gift distribution to everyone.

This festival also plays an important role for the retailers, because people start shopping for several days. During this period the whole economy gets a huge profit.

Around the world, people do shopping for this festival season. At every marketplace and shopping malls, we can see the significant level of the crowd.

A Celebration Of Santa Clause And Saint Nicholas 

There are two people who are most necessary on this occasion for the children, i.e., Santa Clause and Saint Nicholas. They bring many presents for children. Therefore, children wait for the Santa Clause.

Children believe Nicholas will come and distribute the gifts, Santa Clause is a symbol of protector and friend of the children.

On this occasion, the schools, colleges, offices remain closed. There are people all around enjoying the festival with much fun. People exchange greeting cards and sweets on this day.


Christmas all over the world is a special and magical holiday loved by many young and old. There is so much to learn about Christmas from around the world.

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated in different ways in different countries. Christmas is celebrated to remember Jesus Christ and his teachings. Christ is considered to be the son of God.

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