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The word Chipko means that to stick or “to hug.” The Chipko movement name comes from the word meaning “Embrace.” It is the significant meaning, which describes how many villages people love and hug to the trees.

It is most important for the village to save the trees from being cut down. It interposes their bodies between them and the contractor’s axes.

Why the Chipko Movement Starts 

The trees were one of the most pressing needs of the Uttarakhand people and to save the trees from destruction, they began the Chipko movement, and it became very famous in Uttarakhand. Chipko movement is a grassroots level of action.

  • A large number of trees were getting destroyed by the massive depletion of forests, which results in deforestation.
  • Significant damage was that it was making the Himalayan mountain range barren.
  • Another cause of the destruction of the trees is the construction of dams, factories, and roads.

Who Starts The Chipko Movement Starts 

The Chipko movement was initiated by the Sundarlal Bahuguna with a group of volunteers and women to make the non-violent protest by clinging to the trees to save them from falling. Sundarlal Bahuguna belonged to the renowned Avandia.

Objectives Of The Chipko Movement 

There is much importance of the Chipko movement from the start itself; it became a great movement for the Uttarakhand village’s people.

The first objective of the Chipko movement was to ensure an ecological balance and the survivor the tribal people. Who is depending on the trees because their economic activities relived around these forests?

To start the Chipko embrace drowsing neg. With Devi and many village women, first saved trees by hugging them.

The most beautiful Chipko poet was composed by the Ghanshyam run which is what do the forests bear soil, water, and pure air”.

Reasons To Start the Chipko Movement 

  • As a result of the Uttarakhand region, which is known as French miner ads soils and forests, attracted many entrepreneurs. Soon the area becomes the object of exploitation by their entrepreneurs.
  • Some products for which the region exploitation was timber, limestone, magnesium, potassium, etc. the primary source of conflicts in this region was the exploitation of the forest by the entrepreneurs with the approval of the government.
  • The other reason for such conflicts was that the villages earlier denied the use of forests.
  • The streamlined policies did not allow the local agriculturists and herders to cut the trees for fuelwood or fodder and certain another purpose.
  • Instead, they told that dead trees and fallen branches solid serve their needs. The agriculturists or herders could cut trees only for the construction of houses and for making implants.
  • The policies were reframed, claiming that the overuse of the forests was causing deforestation.


Thus, the Chipko movement is a significant environment movement which has gained considerable popularity and success by adopting a Gandhi and non- violent method, the move. Proved the way for many such environmental changes in the country

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