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Child Labor is a huge crime in society. It is the matter, in which the children under the age of 16 are employed in the illegal industry, small hotels, or made them work as a servant.

What Is Child Labour

Child labor is spreading like diseases in India as well in foreign countries. The children are made to work forcefully when they have the age of study and play.

There is an age limit decided by the international labor organization. According to them, the children under the age of 15 cannot involve in any other work, or activity forcefully.

The child labor is a crime which deprived the children of getting a childhood, proper education, medical facilities, in short, we can say, it is destroying the life of a child completely.

People know that children are the hope for the development and next generation, but still, the child labor issue is growing continuously. The children are seen working as labor in small industry, restaurant service, stone breaking, housemaid, shopkeepers assistants, etc.

Causes Of Child Labour

There are many causes of this social issue. Below are some causes of the same;


A survey made in the year 2005, which concluded that more than ¼ of the population in India is living in extreme poverty. Poverty comes because of the unemployment of adults.

To help in earning the livelihood, the children at a very young age walk on the path of child labor. Around 75 million children are still away from school life, lack of access in regular education can be one cause.

Lack of social control is one of the reasons for child labor. This makes the children work in domestic or in the agricultural sector.

The owner of the factories or a restaurant hires the child to work as labor, as they have to pay less salary to these employees, and the owners are earning big profit from this.

A Solution To The Social Issue

One has to follow some of the effective measures, in order to uproot this social crime. Following are some solutions;

The children should be given the first priority instead of money, by their parents. If the family is in extreme poverty, the parents can admit their child in the government school where free of education is provided, the government school also provide breakfast and raw dal rice to the children.

The family should take care of family planning, if they are not capable to take care of children, the family planning should be done after the birth of one child.

Instead of child employees, the job provider should give this opportunity to the adult group. According to the survey, about 800 million people in the world are still unemployed.


Children carry the prosperous future of every nation, It is the responsibility of every individual and government to uproot this social crime completely. No matter the child belongs from the poor or rich family, it is the right of every child to live their childhood happily.

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