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The caste discrimination system is a system that has been carried through the old-age system. The difference between the caste is one of the main cause of social inequality in our country.

This problem of caste discrimination has been contributed to keeping a large portion of the country’s population backward.

India has been undertaking this caste difference system from the ancient times, and they are under the clutches of this.

This difference between the caste has many stories in the ancient times, and the exact origin of the system is not known, and that is why this discrimination is followed now also.

History Of Caste Discrimination  

The history of the caste discrimination system has been started according to through the varna system. In this Verna system, people were broadly divided into four different castes.

This four different caste are such as Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the fourth is Shudras. This four caste consists of different people such as in Brahmins the people are priests, teachers, and scholars.

In Kshatriyas there are rulers and warriors, in Vaishyas, the people are farmers, merchants and traders and in the Shudras caste the people are labors.

After this four caste has been divided the varna system later started to divide the caste into the sub- cast and started to divide the people in the which caste and occupation of their community in which they are born into.

This Varna system has been started through the ancient times when the Aryans came to our India before 1500 BC.

The Making Of The Varna System  

As there were many people at that time, this Aryans started this Varna system to make the things in a systematic manner.

They started this caste discrimination system to have control over all the people.

According to the people at that time they thought that the caste system has started by the Brahma, the Hindu god that is why the caste brahmin has the more scholar and teachers who have high values in society.

These people thought that the teachers and scholars came from Brahma head so that is why they are in the Brahmins and the second caste is Kshatriyas in which they thought the people has came from Brahmas arms so that is why there are  warriors, in this case, the third caste Vaishyas in which they thought that these people have come from Brahma thighs, so they have farmers and merchants in it and the fourth caste that is Shudras these people have come from the Brahmas feet, so they are labors.

Caste Discrimination In Present India  

The caste discrimination in India has been banned after the Indian independence, after the independence and the caste system was banned a new quota system has been introduced.

This quota system has been introduced to the scheduled caste people, schedule tribe people and many other backward class people’s.

After the caste discrimination system has been banned in India by the Indian constitution, as the head of the constitution was dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and he was a Dalit, a backward class, so he started to give many facilities to the Dalit people.

It was a great move by the constitution for the backward class people, but in present India, this quota system has been misused for many political reasons by different parties in our country.

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