Essay On Capital Punishment For Students And Children In Simple English

Capital punishment probably is known as the death penalty which is given by the government of a country to the people who does a crime which is very serious and which is against the rules and laws of our country. And when this crime is being punished by the death penalty, it is called the capital crime.

This death penalty is usually used by most of the countries, but it has been rarely used in recent centuries as there are only about one-third of the countries in the world who allowed this law of death penalty to the criminals.

The countries mostly use the death penalty the country like Japan China Iran United States and some of the countries use this method of the death penalty, and some of the countries like Canada Australia Mexico have been not using this punishment of death penalty to the criminals.

History Of Capital Punishment

The punishment of this death penalty is being given to the criminals as this has been started from the ancient times as the people who do crimes are given this cruel method for death penalty such as the breaking wheel punishment is given to the people who do a major crime.

But from the ancient times in this today’s world, there are also many people who do crimes, and this is when it is being given to them for the major crimes like terrorism war crimes murder rape and many of the sexual crimes that are given this types of penalty.

The people at that time when a crime is done they usually form an apology or instead of that they start to kill the people on their own. So to stop people by killing one another this death penalty system has been introduced for the punishment.

This death penalty is used in many of the countries such as Europe. The death penalty is traveling from ages to ages, and the form of giving punishment is also changing as from the ancient times then in the medieval ages the punishments of this death penalty is changed and the punishment is becoming very harsh for the criminals as more the major crime is being done the penalty is major to the criminal.

Death Penalty In The Present World

In this 20th century the use of the death penalty is very less used as there are many legal rights and rules that are made by every country’s Government and the crimes are very less because of the rules, so there is no mostly used of this death penalty but in some of the countries there are many cases of women harassment rapes and many things that are being done so because of this the criminals are given these types of death penalty by their country’s Government.

But there are also many countries who have abolished this capital punishment in this modern era. But in the most of the Asian countries like India and Pakistan this capital punishment is been used as there are many war crimes terrorism and the rape cases that are seen in this Nations so because of this the Government of these countries has taken this capital punishment and as a great initiative for the people to stop crime.

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