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Aryabhatta A Great Mathematician

Aryabhatta a great Indian mathematician and an astronomer. Aryabhatta was born in the year 476 AD.

As per the record stated he was born in kusumpura which is known as Patna today in India and in some research books it is said that he was born in Kerala in India.

He completed his education in Patna situated in Bihar. At the age of 23, he started to teach mathematics and astronomy.

Aryabhatta’s Contribution To The World

Aryabhatta’s greatest contribution to the world is zero through which he becomes immortal throughout all the world.

He used zero as for to denote the space in a number system. His contribution to mathematics includes several formulas and inventions include Algebra, geometry, Trigonometry, and Astronomy.

He propounded that the Earth shape is a sphere and its rotate on its axis. He was the first to tell the number of days in a year. He stated that earth has 23 hrs 56 min and 4.1 seconds. He explained the solar and lunar eclipses scientifically.

He was successfully able to propound the theory that the area of the cause of lunar and Solar eclipses are caused by the shadow of the Earth and the Moon.

He also stated that the shining of the planets is the cause of the reflection from the sun.

Aryabhatta lay the foundation of algebra and made many new observations in geometry.

Aryabhatta’s Works

He wrote two works untitled ‘Aryabhatiya’ in 499 AD and another ‘a last treatise’in which he fully explained the Ardharatrika system. His Aryabhatiya has 108 verses.

This 108 verses of Aryabhatiya is divided into four parts. First is Gitikapada which includes 13 verses, second is Ganitapada which include 33 verses, the third is Kalakriyapada which includes 25 verses and the last is Golapada which includes 50 verses.

He also made the invention of pie to the world. Aryabhatta works on the approximation of the value of Pie. He stated that the value of pie is 3.1416, i.e., 3.14. He also gave the value of sin and Cos in trigonometry.

He also gives the methods of extracting the square root summing thematic series and solving the determined equations. He wrote a textbook of astronomy calculations ‘Aryabhatta Siddhartha’.

Aryabhatta’s Influence On Today’s World

Aryabhatta died in the year 550AD. Aryabhatta contribution to the astronomy is a great influence to the Indian astronomy. His inventions are very much useful in the astronomy of India.

Aryabhatta calculations and inventions are so much influencial that the first Indian satellite is named after him as Aryabhata. Aryabhatta calculations and inventions are used in the Hindu calendar.

To the honor of this great astronomer and mathematician, there is an Aryabhatta knowledge University located in Patna in India. This University is established by the government of Bihar.

This University includes so much of aryabhatta teachings as in technical and astronomical fields.

This University is governed under Bihar state from 2008. There are a research and observatory center situated in Nainital under the name of the late Aryabhatta. This center does many researchers and observations on the astronomical field.

Aryabhatta was a great influence on the world his teachings are used in today’s world, his values and inventions in mathematics formed a great impact in today’s world.

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