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On the 14th of April, the people all over India celebrate the Ambedkar Jayanti with great enthusiasm. The contribution which is made by the Bhimrao Ambedkar is remembered on his birthday which is known as the Jayanti in the Hindi language.


On 14th of April 1891, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was born. His parents were Ramji Maloji and Bhimabai. He belongs from the poor Mahar family.

Babasaheb worked in India as the jurist, social reformer, activist, politician, historian, and economist. After India got independence in 1947, he was elected as the first  Law Minister of Independent India. The constitution of India was also drafted under him.

The Early Life Of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Dr. Baba struggled a lot in his childhood as he was from the lower caste background and has to face lots of criticism and discrimination. The most first he was discriminated when he joint the government school to earn the education.

The teacher of the school used to pay less attention to him as he was from the backward class. They were even not allowed to enjoy the water from the public taps or the other public facility. The people from higher class use to give him water from above a certain level.

He converted himself to Buddhism and also encourage other people who belong from his community.


In 1897, he was the only one untouchable who joined the Elphinstone college of Bombay. In 1906 he Married with the Ramabai who was just nine years old. In 1907 after his marriage, Bhim Rao successfully cleared his matriculation exam.

In the year 1912, Ambedkar received his degree of economy and in political science from the Bombay University. For the post-graduation education in 1913, Bhim Rao moved to the Columbia University which is situated in the Newyork.

He also completed his master degree from the London school of economics and also D.Sc in economics.

A social movement was initiated by him, to eradicate the caste system which was going earlier. He helped the women of his community to dress up as the upper-class women wear.

According to him, only to having the political right was not enough to solve the problem of lower caste or poor people.

It was possible only because of him, that the people who belong from the lower caste were later on allowed in the temple and was also allowed for fetching the water from the well. However, it didn’t become possible in a single day, for this, Bhim Rao suffered a lot.

The major fundamental right was given to the people only because of his major contribution. The Indian government honored him with the Bharat Ratna Award in April 1990 for his immense successful contribution towards the mother nation.


It is only because of Dr. Ambedkar that the people from lower caste are now free to live their life happily. People celebrate his Jayanti and remind him and greet him for his contribution.

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