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Agriculture is the most important occupation for most of India families. In India is mainly for an agricultural country. Agriculture is the main occupation in India.

Two-thirds of the population is dependent on agriculture directly or indirectly. In India, agricultural production contributes about sixteen percent (16%) of the total GDP and ten present (10%) of total export.

Total 60% of the area of India land is arable making it the second largest country in terms of total arable land. It included farm-related activities for growing crops and includes the rearing of animals for agriculture purposes.

Agricultural products of significant economic value include rice, potato, wheat, onion, tomato, sugarcane, cotton, beans, etc.

The significance Of Agriculture 

Contribution To National Income

Agriculture contributed to national income by forests, and other primary activities are 24%. 59% of contribution to national income by the agriculture sector in 1950-51 and 2004-05 it came down to 24.4%. The contribution of the agricultural sector in national income is considerable.

The Main Source Of Food

Before 1947, we had an acute food shortage but after 1969 the green revolution in agriculture has made us self-sufficient in food production. In 2003-04, production of rice was 870 lakh metric tonnes and of wheat 721 lakh metric tonnes. Agriculture provides food for the nation.

Agriculture And Industrial Development

There are too many industries like cotton textiles, sugar, jute, oil, vegetables, and oil. Tinned food, cigarettes, and rubber, etc. agriculture plays an active role in industrial development.

Sources Of Revenue

The good part of sources of Govt. Revenue is land revenue, taxes on production, the sale of agriculture machinery and excise duty on agro-based goods.

Importance Of Agriculture 

Source Of Livelihood

The main occupation of India is agriculture. About 70% of the population working is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture. In advance countries, this ratio is very small being in U.K is 5 percent, in
The USA is 4 percent, in Australia, it is 16 percent, in Japan it is 21 percent, in USSR it is 32 percent, and in France, it is 14 percent.

Supply Of Food And Fodder

Fodder for livestock is also provided by the agriculture sector. Protective food in the form of milk is provided by cow and buffalo. They also provide draught power for farm operations.

Moreover, it also meets the food requirements of the people. In recent years the import of food grains has been very small. Rather looked for export avenues.

Marketable Surplus

From the marketable surplus, the people depend upon the food production which they meet. The marketable surplus is led by the development of the agricultural sector.

As the country develops, more and more people are to be engaged in mining, manufacturing, and other non-agriculture sectors.

Importance Of Transport

Internal trade is mostly in agricultural products. Agriculture is the main support for railways and roadways which is the bulk of agriculture produce from farm to the man dies and factories.

The large extent is the finance to the government, and it depends upon the prosperity of the agricultural sector.


Agriculture is important in daily life. It increases the productivity of consumer goods and services. Agriculture is the largest industry in terms of numbers of employees and establishments.

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